IMG_7179 I love dresden plates.  Miniature dresden plates?  Even better.  I think these measure about 6 1/2” across.  Last year I made these Christmas pillows using dresden plates that I meant to make more of this year.  Guess it will have to wait seeing as how Christmas is 3 days away!!! IMG_7186

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Finished: Fall Tumbler Quilt

This one was REALLY hard for me to make myself finish once the Christmas decorations were out.   I did some super simple quilting along every other tumbler, and with a soft flannel back it gives it the weight and feel of a tied quilt.  I really like the feel of minimal quilting best for a “couch quilt”.
I’ve had a few questions about quilting with a flannel back, but I’ve really found very little difference between quilting with flannel or a cotton back.  The main difference is the quilt is a little thicker so using a walking foot is a MUST.  Also I do a little extra basting or use a basting spray to make up for the extra weight and tendency of the quilt to shift around while quilting.  Oh and the quilt will be cozier, warmer, and your family is more likely to use it… a major plus.
I used the 6 1/2″ Accuquilt tumbler die to make this quilt.



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Stocking Tutorial

Ok so this took me 2 days of staring at a stocking to figure out. My mind just doesn’t work in the turn it inside out then right side in then right side out and do the hokey pokey kind of way. So here’s a quickie tutorial mainly for my own sake so I remember how.  This tutorial is only for how to finish the stocking…not make the quilted front and the pattern for the actual stocking.  To get the stocking shape, I traced a store bought stocking from Target.  😉  

Start with:

– the outside of the stocking, already sewn together with the back and turned right side out. (the front of my stocking is quilted with batting, the back has no batting)
– the lining of the stocking sewn together ( leave a 3” hole in the side for turning!) right sides in.
– fabric for the cuff
– a sewn tab of fabric for hanging tab

To figure out how wide to cut your cuff fabric….measure the width of the top of your stocking, double that number and add .5 inch for the seam allowance. For the length of the cuff I cut my fabric 9”…to give me a 4.25” finished folded cuff. So this piece was 9” x 16.5”
Sew together the 9” ends of the cuff piece, use a 1/4” seam allowance.

Turn the cuff right side out so its folded at the bottom and raw edges are at the top. It should make a tube you can stick the stocking in.

Stick the cuff on and around the top of the stocking, match the raw edges and pin. You can pin the tab onto the side now also.

Stick the whole thing into the lining. The stocking and lining should be right sides together.

Pin all of the raw edges together at the top (lining, 2 cuff edges, and stocking edges).

Sew all the way around the top. Make sure you catch all the layers (lining, cuff edges, stocking).

Turn the whole thing right side out using the hole left in the side of the lining.

Finish turning it inside out and sew up the hole in the side of the lining. Stuff the lining inside the stocking and fold the cuff down. Press the edges as needed.

When you’re done you’ll have a nicely lined cuff and stocking with no raw seams showing.

If you want to make these little double hourglass blocks I used my tutorial but changed the sizing of the template and the strips shown below:

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