Upside down Little Apples

I was given 2 seconds to take these pictures before the other fisherman returned to see my husband holding up a quilt.   So those cute little kids are playing ring-around-the-rosies upside down all over the quilt. 

The trickiest part of this quilt for me is spacing all of the colors and fabrics evenly.  It took me a ridiculously long time to lay it out and stare at it before it got sewn together.
And in other exciting news….we caught a fish!  We only had to go fishing 19 times but hey…at least it’s a big fish.  It’s a darn good thing too because my sewing machine is getting dusty.

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Finished Plus Quilt

Love the way this one turned out.  This pattern definitely calls for simple quilting, and straight lines here and there did just the trick.
It is a very simple pattern, but if you need the math done for you for 6 sizes you can find a pattern here.  
The back is this fabulous print from the Denyse Schmidt collection at Joann’s.  I bought 2 yards of this the first time I saw it  because I love it so much as a back…or pillows.
I really should have ironed this before pictures.  Oh well.  :)

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1 hour

1 hour of free time,  1 layer cake, and 1 large drink of choice (plus 2 bathroom breaks)…
…yields 42 cute-as-a-button blocks ready to be sewn into a quilt top. 
The fabric will be available in September…I snagged this layer cake at quilt market.  The pattern is Easy Bake…the same pattern I used with Aneela’s last fabric line (you can see that quilt here).  And yes…it really did only take me an hour + 6 minutes to cut and sew them…it’s a fast stack n’ whack quilt.  Plus I’ve made it before. :)

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