Sprockets are fun

Turns out my kids really love sprocket pillows.  They can be rolled down the hall.…jumped on…thrown down the stairs…the list goes on and on.   So I had to make them their own…before mine were literally beat to pieces.   I started with this cute stack of fabric Ben picked out (with some mommy editing):
Aren’t those robots cute?  I did a trade with Ariel (it’s her own design) for it…and I’m pretty positive  got the better end of the deal.   After a quick sew and letting Ben do the stuffing…he ended up with a cute pillow he can play with.
So now his room has a robot pillow, pirate sheets, elephant curtains, a superman poster, animal alphabet flashcards and a batman cave in it.  His poor room has an identity crisis.
He loves his pillow.  I’m not sure the pillow loves him back though….we’ll give it a week and see if it still has the stuffing.

And ‘cause you asked…I called them sprocket pillows because my husband was assembling a bike while I was assembling these pillows.  Bike sprockets…round pillows…get it?  
Yeah me neither….just smile and nod.

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Sprocket Pillows Tutorial

These are my favorite new pillows. They are fast and unbelievably easy to make…and I hope you love them as much as I do. I did my best to simplify the instructions/pattern so they are beginner friendly, and super fun to make. If you’ve never worked with a template or curves, and your nervous about it…these pillows are a perfect place to start. The only problem with them is that you can’t make just one…trust me …I tried.
There are pattern templates for two sizes:
Click the link below to download the pattern templates
*For best results, print the templates directly from google docs (click file on the left and print). If you are using explorer or firefox….make sure you hit “fit to printable area”, or “print actual size” in the printer preferences.
** Please do not re-post the link to these templates on your own website! Thank you!
You will also need:
Large fabric scraps for the top wedges, a 5″ x width of fabric strip for the middle (plus a little extra for the large size), a fat quarter for the back, a bag of poly-fill stuffing, and a button and thread for the center.
Let’s get started!!!!
1. Cut out the template for the size pillow that you are making. Using the template cut out 12 wedges.
2. Arrange the wedges how you like them. Sew the wedges into pairs, right sides together. Sew from the tip to the end. Use a 1/4″ seam allowance while constructing the pillow top.
3. Press and arrange the pairs. Sew the pairs into two halves.
collage 2
4. Pin the edges and center seams of the halves together. Sew the halves together, slightly pulling or easing the fabric as necessary to get the edges and center to match. Don’t worry if your center seams don’t match perfectly…that’s what the button is for. Press well.
collage 3
5. Make the pillow back by folding the backing fat quarter, and the circle top in half. Line up the folds, trace, and cut out the back.
6. Cut the strip for the pillow center. The strip sizes are:
Large Pillow: 5″ x 50″ strip
Small Pillow: 5″ x 43 1/2″ strip
Sew the ends of the strip right sides together using a 1/2″ seam allowance and press. You’ll use a 1/2″ seam allowance from here on out.
7. Pin one edge of the strip to the edges of the pillow top. Start anywhere and work your way around, easing or slightly stretching as necessary. If you have too much excess, pin all the way around except for the last 6” or so and pinch the extra together and sew it together. If you don’t have enough strip and you can’t slightly stretch it larger…you can either cut and sew another small strip on, or pin the strip 1/8″ or so in from the pillow top edge.
Remember that you can’t use too many pins!
8. Sew along the edge using a 1/2″ seam allowance.
9. Now pin the other edge of the middle strip to the backing, right sides together. Do it the same way you did the front.
10. Again, sew along the edge using a 1/2″ seam allowance…but this time leave a 4″ hole for turning and stuffing.
11. Turn the pillow right side out and stuff with your poly-fill. I like my pillow to look full but still be really cushy…that way when you add the button it sinks right in.
12. Sew up the hole either by hand or machine.
13. Get your button, needle and thread ready. If you want to make a fabric covered button like I did…you can buy kits at any fabric/craft store….they are super simple and take about 10 seconds. I recommend using thick thread like embroidery thread to add the button….but I didn’t have any for the tutorial so just ignore the thread I’m using in the photos.
Knot the end of your thread and put the needle through the center back of your pillow and push it to the front center.
Loop the thread/needle through your button a few times and put the needle back through the front to the back.
Pull the thread until the button is depressed in the front enough for your liking, and knot the thread in the back of the pillow. You can cover the back knot with another button…or just leave it.
And there you go. Aren’t they fun???!!!! Now you can make more in no time!


Trial run

I could stick him in a dress and put a bow on his head and nobody would ever know he was a busy little boy.  I finished up this quilt and had to “try” it out.  It looks good hanging on this crib.   Even Batman likes it:
This sweet little quilt is backed with Bliss flannel and bound with Kona Aqua. 
It’s going to a special baby girl….who’s Momma won’t care that I let my baby suck on it first.   ‘Cause now she knows!

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