Little Climber

This quilt reminds me of my baby going up and down the stairs 1500 times a day. Chasing him up and down is the only exercise I get lately so I guess it’s a good thing!

The back of this one is the big Make Life dot by Sweetwater (bought here) and I quilted this following the lines of the “steps” with an extra line on the top edges of each step for an extra something.
It’s machine bound in Kona Aqua. 

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Sugar Dish and the Jabber…

Showing you more of this quilt totally skipped my mind until yesterday when I was literally smooshing it into the “quilt” closet.  This quilt came about because I wanted to do a girly quilt with dresden plates.  Original I know.  But… wouldn’t it be cute on a toddler bed?  With those little dresden plates going across the bottom of the bed all in a row?  Gheesh I need a girl.





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I got an email from a reader (hi Barbara!) a few days ago asking me how to build a fabric stash…so I thought I’d show you what I buy and keep on hand.  And since the price of fabric may soon be rising….you may find its necessary to watch what you buy more carefully.
Here are my basics….what I consider to be staples in my stash:
solids, polka dots, stripes, and small scale prints.  Usually I have some gingham in there too.
I basically buy the same type of thing for every color and I always have them on hand:

So my basics I always have and keep stocked.  I usually buy 1/2 yards of basics…but more if its something I love like that Katie Jump Rope blue basket weave up there.  I don’t buy as many floral, large scale or novelty fabrics, but I do keep some just because I like them.  I usually buy 1/4 yard to 1/2 yard depending on the price. 
And they are usually the ones that stay in my stash forever until I need to make a baby quilt…but it is nice to have at least some on hand if you need them.   For instance if I wanted to make a quilt today with that floral Dream On fabric….
I could pull enough “basic” fabrics out of my stash to make it work.  You can usually tell when I’m clear out of fabric and I’m only using my stash…because there will be gagillions of polka dots.  Like this and this quilt…I buy way too many polka dots.
  I’ve said before I don’t keep a big stash…but because I have a lot of basics and “usable” fabrics…I can usually make a lot of projects from my stash without buying more. 
But no matter how I can ramble on about stashing…the bottom line is, whether you have a big stash or a small what you love.  If you love it, you’ll use it and be more happy with what you have. 

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