This is the view from my computer right now.   I really love the way this top turned out, its really bright and fresh, and its going to be a wonderful quilt to get out in the middle of January when I’m sick of winter. 
You can find the fabric here, here, or here.  The pattern is this one (which will have this very bright quilt on the cover as soon as I get it done!)

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Triangle Corner Trick

I was piecing these blocks with triangle corners (like the corners in this block) yesterday and thought I would share a quick trick. Usually a pattern (including my own) will recommend drawing a pencil line from corner to corner on the wrong side, and sewing along the line. Like this one:
But since I’m a hurried sewer and drawing little lines on 160 squares doesn’t sound like super fun, this is what I do instead:
Place a piece of tape so that edge is in line with the needle of your machine.
When you are sewing on your squares, start in one corner, and keep the opposite corner on that tape edge to keep the seam line straight.
When your done you’ll have a nice straight line from corner to corner, without having to draw gagillions of little pencil lines. Keep in mind though that the smaller the square the easier it is, it might be a little harder to keep a perfectly straight line with bigger squares.
After trimming and pressing the corner should look like this:
Tricky huh? I learned this from my Mom. I always wondered why she had painters tape stuck to the front of her machine….now we know.

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