Summer House

I love the way this one turned out.  Isn’t it amazing how different fabrics change the whole look of the quilt?  (this was my first quilt in this pattern…this was my second)  This fabric collection is Summer House.  Its not my usual color combo but I love it now that I can see it almost finished.  
I’m in the midst of quilt market preparation madness.  I’m thinking now that it was a really bad idea to wait until the week before to do EVERYTHING.  If I don’t have time to check in before market…come visit me in Booth # 2310.   Now back to the last minute scramble!

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Further proof…

That I should NOT be quilting when tired:

I sewed myself right to the quilt.  My husband had to come unpick me (after taking a photo…a true bloggers husband) because I couldn’t unpick myself with my left hand.
P.S.  Now don’t you go being all jealous of my sexy quilting gloves…they are my favorite.

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Off Track….literally

Yes….this is my second quilt top in these colors in two weeks, but I really love these colors together!!!   This top is from a pattern/quilt I made for the Robert Kaufman booth at market.   My husband named it Off Track. 
Only after basting half of it did I finally notice that it really is off track See?
How in the heck did I miss that???!!!! Luckily the “oops” block was in the bottom row so it was an easy unpick…but still worth a grumble and rolling of the eyes by yours truly.  

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