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Star Wars Fabric

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or Thursday for my non-American friends) ūüėČ . ¬†

My only gift to sew this Christmas is a twin size Star Wars quilt for my favorite 6 year old.  Most of my fabrics are from Fat Quarter Shop (just search Star Wars). 

Star Wars Quilt

I was going to hold off and post this quilt after I had some “styled” shots so you can see the whole thing…but I couldn’t wait.¬† I had to be sneaky making this one with the kids around…and if Sophie saw it she would tell Ryan immediately. ¬†4 year olds are SO bad at secrets.¬†

The fabrics are so busy and I wanted to use all of the prints…so I kept the pattern very simple. ¬†The big squares are 8 1/2″ cut, and the small squares are 4 1/2″ cut, and sewn into a 4 patch. ¬†Easy peasy.¬†

Star Wars Quilt

I used the softest blanket from Target on the back. ¬†I also used batting, so I sent this one to Kathy to quilt and asked her to do some simple wavy lines so it wouldn’t be stiff.

If you’re interested in using a blanket for a backing…I have some tips and info at the end of this post.¬†¬† It’s all wrapped up under the tree but I promise a full picture after Christmas! ¬†

Quilted Zipper Pouch

I used the scraps to make him a zipper pouch, and then I couldn’t stop and made a few more for gifts. ¬†I used this pattern/video by Sherri and it’s awesome! ¬†Except I used a metal zipper and broke two needles as I kept forgetting and sewed right over it.¬†


As I was finishing up this quilt last week I snapped a picture of Jane on my sewing room floor…in the exact same pajamas and chewing on my exact same measuring tape. ¬†I couldn’t help but snap a picture…it’s so fun to see them side by side. ¬†Jane has a bit more hair. ¬†ūüėȬ†


If you made it through this extremely long post and you need a weekend project (ha!) patterns are 25% in my shop.  Use code Thanks25 through Monday.  


Have a great weekend! 




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Grayscale Finished!

Grayscale Quilt and Block Tutorial

I’ve had more questions about this quilt than maybe any other since I posted¬†the top over a year ago. ¬†I made this one with two jelly rolls I talk about here, and there¬†is a tutorial for the blocks found here. ¬†

Grayscale Quilt

I opted for a pop of color and did a bright back and binding. ¬†These 108″ widebacks from Windham Fabrics are so handy! ¬†This one is a print from my Dixie fabric line. ¬†

Grayscale Quilt

I tried to get a good full shot of this one but it’s tricky when my quilt holder upper is only 3 1/2 ft. tall¬†and tries to be¬†in every. single. picture. ¬†I have to bribe her to stay out of the shot or hurry and take them when she’s not looking. ¬†


Oh to be 4. 

I just noticed her hoodie was on AND ZIPPED UP inside out!  Lol!  

Grayscale Quilt Block Tutorial

Again if you’re looking for the instructions to this one click the image above or here! ¬†

Have a great weekend! 



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Rainy Day Baby Pow Wow Quilt

Baby Pow Wow Quilt, Cluck Cluck Sew

I keep thinking I’ll be able to get better at posting more regularly…but then, ya know…life happens. ¬†¬†

My sister had her third little boy last week, so in true Allison fashion I waited until the last minute to make him a quilt. ¬†I used my Pow Wow pattern, which I hadn’t made in awhile, and this baby size goes together so fast! ¬†

Baby Pow Wow Quilt, Cluck Cluck Sew

I had a few cute rain cloud and umbrella prints I threw in since we’re from Seattle (it really doesn’t rain that much…maybe). ¬†

Baby Pow Wow Quilt, Cluck Cluck Sew

Baby Pow Wow Quilt, Cluck Cluck Sew

I backed this with a grey minky fabric.   I wanted it to be very drapey (is that a word?) so I kept the quilting very minimal.

 Too much quilting can make them a little stiff, especially with the thicker backing.  I also used Warm and White batting so it will be cozy warm through the winter. 

Baby Pow Wow Quilt, Cluck Cluck Sew

All wrapped up and ready for gifting!  I really really love making baby quilts.  

I¬†can’t forget to thank¬†my assistant…she’s the best help (ha!). ¬†


¬† I remember putting my first baby¬†in cute little jeans and cute little matching outfits each day. ¬†With the fourth baby it’s fuzzy footie¬†pajamas¬†all day every day. ¬† ūüėČ ¬†Fuzzy jammies for the win! ¬†

I forgot to mention picked¬†a winner from the last post¬†with First Blush…Susan E. won and it’s already on it’s way! ¬†Thanks for the entering and have a great week! ¬†



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