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Diagonal Strip Quilt in 5 sizes, Free Tutorial

(Free tutorial for this Diagonal Strip quilt can be found here with 5 size options!)


After I made this quilt top last year I was sort of paralyzed by the idea of finishing it.  I debated whether to take the time to do a detailed quilting job, or just to finish it quickly and move on.   This week I decided that done is better than debating it for another year!

Diagonal Strip Quilt in 5 sizes, Free Tutorial

Diagonal Strip Quilt in 5 sizes, Free Tutorial

This was a quick quilting job during Jane’s nap time and it definitely won’t be winning any awards, but it’s done!  Now it can be donated and go to a child who will love it, instead of hanging unfinished in my closet for another year…or three.

Diagonal Strip Quilt in 5 sizes, Free Tutorial

I put the plaid print from Hello Jane on the back, and it’s  very bright and busy.   Luckily my Sophie wanted to keep it for herself, so I know any other little girl will probably love it’s busyness!  

Diagonal Strip Quilt in 5 sizes, Free Tutorial

It’s a weight off my shoulders to finish up all of my quilt tops and put them to good use.  

THANK YOU for all the great comments and fabric ideas on my last post!  I love hearing what draws you to fabric!  

The Quilty Box winner was MollyP (I emailed you!).  

Have a wonderful week!  



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Bits and Pieces and a Quilty Box

Hello!   I didn’t meant to take such a long break but this summer has had me busy busy!  I feel like everything I do lately is in bits and pieces.  A little bit here, and a little bit there is how I get things done these days! 

Grassy Doe Quilt with Free Tutorial

(This quilt has nothing to do with this post except I finished it woohoo!  The tutorial for this quilt can be found here. )

 This summer I’ve been able to enjoy my kids, without the anxiety of “needing to keep them busy and making sure they were having fun”…for maybe the first time ever.  Last summer I had a newborn baby and we stayed at home all summer and really did nothing, except play in the yard and go to parks.  I felt so bad, and felt so much guilt that I hadn’t made a “fun” summer for my kids.   After summer was over and school had started my friend asked my oldest how his summer was, and he said “it was SO much fun!”.   He said it like it was the best summer he’d ever had!!  I was the only person who thought we’d had a lame summer, and my kids were just happy playing on the slip n’ slide and eating popsicles all summer long.  They were in heaven!  So lesson learned…and I don’t stress out about summer anymore.  We still go do a lot of fun things, but we also spend a lot of time at home doing nothing and being together.  It’s kind of awesome, and I’m swearing off summer Mom guilt for good.  

(My 4th of July quilt that is still in pieces on my sewing machine…whoops!)


I was so honored to get to take part in July’s Quilty Box!  

Subscription boxes are so much fun…and I love that Quilty Box donates a portion of their sales to Quilts for Kids!   

I won’t giveaway all of July’s box details for those of you that haven’t received it…but it may have some Hello Jane in it, and how fun is this magnet!?  It is so strong, my husband promptly tried to steal it.  I can stick my snip scissors on it next to my sewing machine and it’s a perfect holding spot. 

I also designed a pattern for this Quilty Box that uses the fabric cuts provided in the box (except the white fabric).  

Flower Box Quilt

You can find out more about and subscribe to Quilty Box here, and I have a box to giveaway to one of you!  




A Pokey Puppy Quilt

A Pokey Puppy Baby Quilt, Cluck Cluck Sew

There is nothing better than a new baby.  Especially when it’s a new nephew!  

My sister in law loves Little Golden Books and purchased a Pokey Puppy panel she wanted made into a quilt (I couldn’t find a good link for the panel but you can Google it and there are some options).  The panel is really made to be a fabric book, but it also works great for a cute baby quilt.  It was a great challenge for me!  

A Pokey Puppy Baby Quilt, Cluck Cluck Sew

I cut the blocks 7 1/2″ square out of the panel, and added the 3″ pinwheels and 3″ x 7 1/2″ sashing strips to make it a nice crib size. 

It has minky on the back and a warm batting, so I quilted it with simple straight lines.  There wasn’t enough book blocks for the layout, so I added the ruler fabric (an out of print Moda fabric) to fill in the extra spaces. 

A Pokey Puppy Baby Quilt, Cluck Cluck Sew

A Pokey Puppy Baby Quilt, Cluck Cluck Sew

Before sewing the quilt top together I added his name to one block with an easy loop stitch.  

It was such a fun quilt to make for baby Bowen.   Also he smells like a newborn, and I miss having a newborn!  

A Pokey Puppy Baby Quilt, Cluck Cluck Sew



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