In Tune

In Tune Quilt Pattern

(photo by Holly)

 I’ve been on the “chocolate and sugar” diet this week and I think today it hit me.  Or maybe it was the baby deciding 4:15 was a good time to party this morning?  Both I think…I need a nap and some vegetables.

My husband named this quilt In Tune since it looks like tuning forks.  This pattern came about from a rug I liked…and actually you can see the pattern better in the single color version: 

In Tune Quilt, Jelly Roll Friendly

I like this pattern better in one color…but it’s also perfect for a jelly roll and showing off the prints.  It would pair perfectly with this set of jelly rolls I used for my Grayscale quilt top.  It uses pre-cut strips, or yardage, and you could even use a jelly roll for the background too. 

In Tune Quilt

Kaitlyn quilted this one and I love the design she chose!    It’s simple but adds to the design. 

In Tune Quilt

In Tune Quilt

I pulled out all my navy fabrics and an off white jelly roll I’ve had for 6 years or so.  I’m hoping to tackle a single color version this weekend so I’ll share that as soon as I get crackin’ on it! 

In Tune Quilt in Navy

In Tune can be found here, or here for paper.  

Happy Thursday!  One more day until the weekend…we can do it!  

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Cascade Quilt Pattern in Hello Jane

(photo by Holly)

I should probably share these quilts in the order they were made…but instead I’m sharing my favorite first!  Cascade is a twist on a diamond quilt pattern but made with triangles.  

Cascade Quilt Pattern in Hello Jane Fabrics

The pattern calls for a 60 degree triangle ruler and fat quarters, and comes in two sizes, a crib with smaller blocks, and the throw with larger blocks.  I called this an intermediate level pattern because the units have to be lined up just so and you have to make sure to use a perfect 1/4″ seam allowances.  Other than that it goes together smoothly and I included pictures in the pattern to make it easy.  This is a great one for chain piecing!  

Cascade Quilt Pattern in Hello Jane Fabrics

Kathy quilted this one for me (above).  Isn’t it beautiful?!  She does all her quilting free hand and I’m always amazed she can stay so steady and precise!  

Cascade Quilt Pattern in Hello Jane Fabrics

The crib size below was obviously quilted by me LOL.  Not as pretty or precise but it does the job!  The purples and blues are my favorite combo in this fabric. 

Cascade Quilt Pattern in Hello Jane Fabrics

More info on this quilt can be found in the listing here (or paper version here).  

It’s pouring buckets here…and I just finished sewing 28 blocks without bobbin thread before I realized it.  Hate it when that happens!  I’m making my second Shortcake quilt out of Hello Jane…luckily it goes together fast because usually making two of the same quilt is torture!  😉 



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Hello Jane


Hello Jane for Windham Fabrics, Cascade Quilt

I’m so excited to finally share with you my other baby!  Hello Jane for Windham Fabrics.  

Hello Jane for Windham Fabrics

This is my fifth fabric line…and I still get incredibly nervous to show it off for the first time!   I’m in love with the purple in this line, it’s the perfect mix of lilac and violet.  

This line got the name “Hello Jane” because I was literally working on this line while I was in the hospital saying “hello to Jane” for the first time!  I was in the hospital for 5 really long days, so it was a welcome distraction.  This fabric will always remind me of her as a tiny newborn baby.  

Summer Runners Pattern, Cluck Cluck Sew

There is also a punch of red (of course), tangerine, and yellow.  Plus green, teal, and aqua because I would die without aqua.  This line comes to stores in late May…and I’m so excited it’s coming out before the summer!  Also less time to wait.  

Summer Runners Pattern, Cluck Cluck Sew

(Summer Runners pattern here.  Pattern for the diamond quilt in the top picture will be available in the next few days.)

The main floral and loopy floral are based off feedsacks from my collection I started when I lived in Ohio.  I’ve used one in almost every collection and it’s like my memories are wrapped up in these prints. 

Olivia's Baskets in Hello Jane

Kaitlyn made these darling baskets for me with her new pattern, Olivia’s Baskets (pattern here).

Dresses in Hello Jane Fabric

My extremely talented friend Megan made these amazing dresses for my girls.  They are gorgeous. 

Breezy Pattern in Hello Jane

(Breezy pattern here)

Breezy Quilt in Hello Jane

Hello Jane for Windham Fabrics

I am NOT a bag maker.  I could have made a whole quilt from start to finish before finishing one super simple bag!  😉  In my defense though I thought I’d just make up a pattern as I go…not my best idea ever. 

Throw Pillows in Hello JaneI’m sorry ahead of time for the overload of pictures and posts that will soon follow!  I have a few quilts to share and since this post is getting mighty long I’ll post within the next few days. 

Oh and Happy Valentines Day!  This weekend I went to dinner and a play in Seattle with some girlfriends… so I told Jay he was off the hook for a Valentines dinner/date.  You should have seen the relief on his face!  😉  Truth be told I don’t think we’ve ever gone out on Valentines Day…I’m such a homebody!



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