Happy Fall!

Pumpkins Quilt Pattern

Happy 1st day of Fall!  

Last year I made this pumpkin quilt on a whim and I’ve been looking forward to pulling it out of storage all year.   It’s starting to be crinkly and soft with lots of use and washings last year.

I still get tons of questions about the fabrics in this quilt, I put links to the fabrics I bought all at the bottom of the original post.  It looks like a few of them are still available but really any orange small-ish prints would be amazing in this quilt!

Pumpkin Quilt Pattern

Pumpkins Quilt Pattern

The Pumpkin pattern can be found  here as a PDF, or here as a paper pattern.   

The Mini version can be found here. 

Mini Pumpkins Quilt Pattern

If you get a chance look at the #pumpkinsquilt hashtag on Instagram (link here), there is so much fun Pumpkin inspiration!   

Happy fall!  





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Indigo Triangle Baby Quilt

Indigo Triangle Baby Quilt

 All of my kids (except Jane of course) are back in school and I’m finally feeling like I can blog again!  

The skies were orange and hazy because of the forest fires when I took these pictures.  The white looks off white/orange-ish!  Thankfully the skies have cleared a little bit and we are having cooler weather for the firefighters. 

Indigo Triangle Baby Quilt

I blogged about this quilt top here, with some simple instructions for how to make it. 

Indigo Triangle Baby Quilt

I finished it with simple straight lines to form diamond shapes, and machine bound it with my favorite method

Indigo Triangle Baby Quilt

This week I’m sewing with this pretty bundle:  

I didn’t buy fabric all summer and basically ignored my stash, but when I saw this bundle of Washington Depot by Denyse Schmidt I had to have the whole thing!  I rarely like a whole collection…but this one I needed every single print (purchased here).   I’m sewing with it right now! 

Sophie started Kindergarten yesterday….it still seems like she was born yesterday?!!   Jane and I are bored without her since here Kindergarten is all day…but I’m also excited for a little more sewing time!   




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My 4th of not July quilt

Scrappy Summer Pattern in Red, White, and Blue

Red, white, and blue is my favorite color combo because you can use it all year long and it always works!   

My stars 4th of July quilt was is starting to look ragged after 7 years, so I started this quilt as a large throw size and keep on our couch.  After the 4th of July came (and went) before I finished it, I changed my mind and decided to make this a little larger than a crib size and donate it. 

Scrappy Summer Pattern in Red, White, and Blue

I backed this one with a double sided minky and left out the batting.  I have two other quilts I’ve done this with and they’ve held up really well to years of use and washing.  It’s nice and light, but the downside is the blue backing slightly shows through the white fabric on the front…probably not enough anyone would notice, but the white does have a slightly blue hue.

I did a post years ago about how prepare and quilt a quilt using this backing you can read here.   Also for those who asked, I don’t pre-wash my minky before quilting with it! 

Scrappy Summer Pattern in Red, White, and Blue

I used the Scrappy Summer pattern to make the top, but with only two colors like this you can also just alternate four patches and squares.  If you have the pattern, I made a size in between the crib and the throw,  using 42 blocks.   There is also a less detailed tutorial for the blocks you can find here

Scrappy Summer Pattern in Red White and Blue

 You guys I DROPPED my nice camera yesterday.  Onto the hard tile floor…smashing the lens completely.  Boo.  Luckily after I removed most of the broken glass it can still take pictures…I just can’t ever take the lens off.  So if you see tiny blurry bits in my photos from now on you’ll know it’s shards of glass…no big deal LOL.  

Have a great weekend!  






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