No Point Stars – A Free Printable Pattern in 5 sizes

No Point Stars, a Free Printable Pattern in 5 sizes

This is my very favorite stars quilt pattern ever….and of course it’s because there are NO POINTS of the stars to match up and stress over!  Thus the name “No Point Stars”…in case you were confused…naming quilts is not my talent!

I decided to revamp my July Stars Tutorial with a FREE printable full pattern (link is below)…because I love this quilt so much and I get questions about sizing and fabric requirements almost daily!    I’ve made it in reds and blues, and now red and green, but really this quilt is amazing in a variety of colors or even scraps.  

If you’ve never made a star quilt before now is your chance! 

No Point Stars, A FREE pattern in 5 sizes

No Point Stars, a Free Printable Pattern in 5 sizes


No Point Stars, a Free Printable Pattern in 5 sizes

No Point Stars, a Free Printable Pattern in 5 sizes

You can find the printable PDF of the pattern below with 5 sizes and all (click the words or the photo below).  

No Point Stars Quilt Pattern

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!  -Allison

No Point Stars, a Free Printable Pattern in 5 sizes




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Making Stars


My weekend goal is to get my Christmas star quilt top made!  These stars are so fun to make.  Next week I’ll make size, fabric requirement, and cutting instructions for this tutorial to make this quilt even easier on you.  I love all of these red and green basic prints…I’ve been saving a few of these just for this quilt! 

Have a great weekend! 





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Boxed Up

Boxed Up Quilt Pattern

I hope you had a great weekend!! 

If you stopped by my shop you might have seen this pattern is finally done for anyone who asked me about it this summer! 

Boxed Up Quilt Pattern

I initially wrote a pattern for this quilt in July for a subscription box, and it’s been on my list to re-write it and stick it in my shop.   I went back and forth on the sizing, and finally decided to make the blocks bigger so you could use fat quarters or layer cake squares, and simplify the design a bit.  

For the life of me I couldn’t decide which sizing I liked better, so the PDF version of this pattern includes the Boxed Up pattern with the large blocks shown above, and also the Flower Box version of this pattern below, with the smaller blocks that I wrote this summer (only in a throw size). 

 So my indecisiveness means you get both patterns in the PDF.  🙂

Flower Box Pattern

If you bought a Paper version of Boxed Up and want the PDF of the Flower Box pattern just email me and I’ll send it over. 

Are you confused yet?   Me too. 

Boxed Up Quilt Pattern

Kaitlyn did the quilting on this quilt, and the fabrics are Washington Depot by Denyse Schmidt.  

I used my scraps and extra fat quarters to make a scrappy binding with the pretty magenta fabrics. 

Boxed Up Quilt Pattern

I bought some fat quarters of Tula Pink’s Christmas Line Holiday Homies, and I think the large scale prints will be awesome in this pattern, and easy enough I can whip it out before Christmas….maybe. 

Boxed Up Quilt Pattern in Holiday Homies by Tula Pink

The Boxed Up pattern can be found here (or paper version here).  

Have a great week!  




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