Slam Dunk Strike One

Slam Dunk Quilt Pattern

When I first wrote the Slam Dunk pattern, I made it with print/scrappy sashings in between the blocks.  I wrote the pattern, made the quilt, Kaitlyn quilted it, and then I took it to the park to photograph it….and I realized I didn’t like it!  Ugh!  

The dark blue print sashing was just too much and it drowned out the light blue prints around the basketballs.  Especially the pearl bracelets print…the print is crooked (drives me nuts!) but I didn’t really notice while I was making it. 

Slam Dunk Quilt Pattern

Long story short…I re-wrote the pattern to what it is now with the single fabric sashing strips, and it’s much easier on the eyes.  Here is my previous post on Slam Dunk, or the pattern is here.  This version with blue sashing is the exact same pattern but looks so different! 

I still love this version even though it didn’t make the cut for the pattern, and adding the extra prints can add some extra interest and variation with all the orange basketballs.   If you want to make it this way with print strips, you’d simply cut the needed sashing strips out of yardage or fat quarters instead of buying the background fabric.  You can get about 7 sashing strips from one fat quarter, so just count the number you’ll need in the layout diagram, then divide by 7 and that’s the number of fat quarters you’d need for the background.  Or just cut them from scrappy yardage.  Other than that the two patterns are identical. 

Kaitlyn did a fabulous job with the quilting, and the background is a really fun Robert Kaufman 108″ wide back. 

Slam Dunk Quilt Pattern

Since I can’t get enough of sewing basketballs (insert A LOT of sarcasm), I made one block for a pillow to give our babysitter in her team colors.  

Slam Dunk Quilt Pattern

Now I have two basketball quilts all finished just in time for baseball season!!!  

(No I am not making a baseball pattern anytime soon!)

Happy Baseball Season!  





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Happy April!  

Whew March was a crazy one.  We have 4 birthdays smooshed into a few weeks and every March I feel like I make birthday cakes for a living!

In between birthdays I spent a week teaching quilting on a cruise with Sitchin’ Heaven in the Caribbean.  It was SO MUCH FUN. 

We had such a fun, laid back group of ladies and I really loved getting to spend time with them.   Teaching on a cruise was WAY out of my comfort zone and I was a little nervous about it for a year after I said yes…but I’m so glad I said yes.  It was a long time to be away from my babies though…10 nights!  

I taught my Dixie quilt...which still needs to be finished and ironed since it was packed in my suitcase.  

Dixie Quilt Pattern

Wilson (the cat) is unimpressed.  He tolerates me trying to cuddle and love him. 

Dixie Quilt Pattern





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Fat Quarter Friday Pattern

I am ALL about mauve lately!  It’s making a comeback!   

It’s funny how color trends cycle through the years isn’t it?  Just like fashion trends I guess (jumpsuits?!).  It gives us a second or third chance to try all the colors!   I used the Cotton and Steel fish print to pull the rest of the colors in the quilt.   Most of the prints are a variety of Cotton and Steel with some basics pulled from my stash, and the perfect berry floral from the line Washington Depot by Denyse Schmidt.

Fat Quarter Friday Pattern

I used the fat quarters and made a quick Fat Quarter Friday quilt (the squares quilt from this pattern).  I think I’ll keep this one for myself…it’s my only quilt in these colors and will be a perfect pop of color in my house. 

Speaking of my house…I’ve had oodles of questions about how my cabinets turned out since I shared that I was painting them last October!  

I’m happy to say that I lived (barely) to tell the tale of painting my honey oak cabinets!  They turned out even better than I had hoped they would.  Not gonna lie though, this project was a killer…it took me 2 full weeks and so much hard work (and some tears!).   I don’t know if I’ll ever attempt it again but I’m glad I did it at least once!   

Painting cabinets before and after!

I used this free guide pretty much step by step to paint my cabinets, except I only sprayed my doors, and I used a different grain filler. 

 Anyways…for those of you that asked, yes they are done, and yes I’m glad I did it!  

Painting cabinets before and after!

Mostly I’m just glad they are done and I can get back to sewing.  Yay! 



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