Fall Sale + A Festive Table Runner

I have a festive holiday table runner pattern in the latest issue of Quilts & More magazine.  If you happen to see it in stores (I’ve heard it’s hard to find), it’s a great issue!  

If you haven’t already be inundated enough with sales (so many emails!), the Fall sale is going on now through the 27th in my shop

A 25% discount is automatically applied at checkout  (link here).  


It feels like I just barely finished up last year’s Christmas quilt, and this weekend I have high hopes to start a new one. 

Making a Christmas quilt each year is one of my new-ish favorite traditions for the past 5 years…plus it gives me a great excuse to watch the cheesy Hallmark movies while I sew.  

Happy Thanksgiving!  







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A Picnic in Blues

Picnic Quilt Pattern

When I was testing out the Picnic quilt blocks, I made this version in blues and forgot to share it!  If you purchased a paper Picnic pattern, there’s a photo of it on the inside cover to show what the lap size looks like (vs. the larger throw size on the cover).  Basically I couldn’t decide which size I liked better so I just included them both.  

Picnic Quilt Pattern

  I mostly chose some blue basics from my stash and added in some golds and simple florals. 

Picnic Quilt Pattern

These blocks come together quick, but I definitely recommend laying all of the pieces out into blocks before you sew. 

These blocks are set on point, and after I trim the edges (the scariest part!) I always ALWAYS sew around the edges of the quilt top to prevent the bias edges from stretching or seams from popping.   

Picnic Quilt Pattern

I backed this with a Blossom 108″ wide back I had in my stash.  Last year during holiday sales I stocked up on wide backings, and it’s on my list to do again.  I usually buy 2 yards since I usually make throw size quilts, or 2 1/4 if I’m making a twin.   

Kaitlyn quilted this, and I love the geometric design she chose! 

Picnic Quilt Pattern

Picnic Quilt Pattern

Picnic Quilt Pattern

The Picnic pattern can be found here.  

Now looking at these photos reminds me that I need to find a new home for this quilt.   I am the worst at gifting quilts.  I usually make quilts just for the joy of making them, but I have such a hard time gifting them to people even though I want to.  I over think it…will they like the colors, the size, the pattern, would they actually want it?  Then I usually talk myself out of it.  Maybe that will be my quilt-resolution next year…gift all my quilts! 





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