Back at it + my only sewing resolution this year

Scraps can only mean one thing…the kids are back in school so Mom can sew!   

I didn’t even bother trying to sew or post over Holiday break.  My kids are growing up so fast and we make such great memories during these short school breaks (in between the extra cleaning/cooking/kids fighting).  It’s nice to have some forced breaks every once in awhile, even from sewing. 

2019 kept me hoppin’ all year long, but with no restrictive deadlines or projects I felt like I was able to sew and create and write patterns when I felt like it.  It felt like a busy but easy year, and hopefully I can take that same feeling and flow into this year.

Cluck Cluck Sew blog

I don’t make any sewing or work related goals as I’d rather just flow with what I feel like doing at the moment, but I did make one sewing resolution for myself this year: 


Last year I was SO good at using my stash and buying fabric only for specific projects, but at times it inhibited my creativity.  I made most of my quilts with my own fabrics (and a new line I can share soon!), or lines that were given to me but I didn’t necessarily pick.  I used up the very last bits of some of my favorite basics and feel “meh” about the rest.  So this year instead of trying to only use what I have, I’m giving myself a fabric allowance to buy fabrics I love….and who knows, maybe I’ll even save money being more intentional about my purchases.  

Also my fabric stash is in a pretty sad state right now.  I don’t even have any white solid fabric on hand for the first time in maybe ever.  

If you are trying to save money this year while quilting, here’s a post I wrote a few years ago that still has some great reminders in it (except the fabric part…I need more fabric!):  

Quilting on a Budget

Happy 2020!   I’m ready to start another fun year of quilting!  




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Floral Trellis Finish + an Impulse Buy

Trellis Quilt Pattern

Anyone else have so much to do that you do nothing?  

I’m already in Christmas break mode.

Trellis Quilt Pattern

I finished up my floral Trellis quilt last week.  I purchased a minky back for it and sent it to be quilted by Kaitlyn in a pretty flower design.   I think I’m going to save this one until someone I know has a baby girl to gift it to…this was a “just for fun” sew!

Trellis Quilt Pattern

Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales last month?  I did so well using my stash this past year and buying minimal fabric, but now I’m out of some of my favorite basics and colors. 

It was a good time to replenish, and this Rollakan fabric by Cathy Nordstrom was a total impulse buy that might be my favorite fabric of the past year.  I added in a couple other basics with it, and I’m ready to make a January quilt. 

Jane and I braved Costco today with 40000000 other people and we barely survived.  

She wouldn’t wear her coat, will only wear her “shiny” sandals, and will only sit in the cart if bribed with ice cream while we shop.  

Good luck with all of your Christmas preparations…and remember that ice cream while shopping makes everything better.   ;)







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A Christmas Pixel Chain Quilt Top

Pixel Chain Quilt Pattern, Jelly Roll quilt

Both of these two need to stop growing!

(Quick reminder… my 25% off sale ends tonight!)

Pixel Chain Quilt Pattern, Jelly Roll quilt

I started making this quilt right after Halloween to be my “slow sewing” project through the season…but instead I ignored most my adult responsibilities and sewed it together within a week or two. 

I stink at slow-relaxing sewing projects…I can’t work on anything else until they are DONE.

Pixel Chain Quilt Pattern, Jelly Roll quilt

The quilt pattern is Pixel Chain, and I cut 2 1/2″ strips to use from my red and green stash.  I tried to use up all my random leftover bits of fabrics for this one!

The background is scrappy low volume prints instead of one solid.  I threw a solid white in there too, which ended up being a little too “off white” for my liking, but it’s not as noticeable sewn together.  

Pixel Chain Quilt Pattern, Jelly Roll quilt

My helper and I taped the blocks to the wall (with Diagonal Seam Tape LOL) because 4 kids + puppy + dirty floor + no design wall set up yet.  

There are only 30 blocks for this size, which ends up being a good large throw or even a twin size.  I’m going to keep this one folded at the foot of our bed.  

Pixel Chain Quilt Pattern, Jelly Roll quilt

The PDF version of Pixel Chain can be found here, Paper patterns can be found here.  

I sent this one off to be quilted with the softest minky backing ever.   I don’t think it will be done before Christmas but I’m going to love pulling this one out next year!  




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