Kitty Cats Quilt

Meet the Kitty Cats! I’ve had this quilt on my mind ever since making my Chickens quilt a few years ago. It uses a similar layout as that quilt…but the kitties are definitely quicker to make.

I had such a hard time narrowing down fabric to make this quilt…anything would be cute in these big blocks.

How cute is the backing fabric with the cats on it?!!! I found it here…it was too perfect not to buy even though I have tons of backings already.

Most of the fabrics I used in this quilt are from this adorable fabric line Birdsong by Gingiber. The colors are so happy, and the mix of scales is perfect for a quilt (anyone else picky about mixing fabric scale?!). The background fabric is Essex Linen in Flax.

I swear laying out the blocks takes me longer than sewing all of the blocks. I’ll lay them out and look at them for awhile, only to change them over and over until it looks just right. Also I snap a quick picture after each layout so I can remember which I like best and it helps so much to really see how the colors are distributed.

Kaitlyn did the quilting and it turned out adorable…I wanted a “ball of yarn” look and it’s perfect (it’s taking all of my self control to not type purrrrrfect over and over).

My cat doesn’t like me unless I’m giving him treats…I tried to bribe him to be in the picture but he wasn’t having it. He’s too good for me and my silly pictures.

Kitty Cats is available in a PDF pattern here, or a Paper pattern here. It uses fat quarters, and comes with 3 sizes (this is the medium size). The blocks are large at 14″, and it’s written to work with directional fabrics.

Have a great day!

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Ombre Tangled Quilt

Well hey! I didn’t mean to take such a long break from posting, but I think I say that almost every time I post now, so I’m just accepting it. Somehow I was locked out of my website, and I knew it would be a nightmare to figure out how to get back in (it was!) so I put it off for too long. At least I have some fun quilts to share now!  

While I was making my first Tangled quilt last year I knew I had to remake it in ombre…it’s such a great pattern for it! The last quilt I used ombre in was Trellis, and there’s just something about organizing and laying out these blocks by color that is so satisfying. 

This pattern is such an easy way to use a jelly roll (this is the jelly roll I used). I laid these out on my sewing table and spent a free 15 minutes here and there sewing blocks together as I could.

This pattern has scrappy blocks scattered throughout the design (so that you can make a throw size quilt using 1 jelly roll). To make those with the ombre fabrics, I kept all my scraps in a pile and then after making my normal blocks and laying them out on the floor, I put the scrappy blocks together using the most similar colors so it wouldn’t lose the ombre effect.

Some of them don’t perfectly fit in the ombre design, but in the finished quilt you can’t tell at all. I swear it takes me longer to lay out and arrange the blocks than it does to make all of the blocks! My husband teases me because I need to “stare” at something for hours before it feels right and I can make a decision.

Kaitlyn quilted this for me and did this beautiful fan design. The backing is one of my favorites, this 108″ wide back fabric that I’ve used on at least 6 or 7 quilts. I use a lot of blues and teals in my quilts so it always matches!

The Tangled pattern can be found here as a PDF, or here as a paper pattern.

Last year I can count on one hand the number of quilts I made…which hasn’t happened since I started quilting, and I felt kind of sad about it at the end of the year! I love having a project to work on in the background, it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something even when most my days are spent as the kids shuttle driver. Here’s to more quilting (and posting) this year!

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