A Clover Quilt for Jane

Clover Quilt Pattern

This quilt has been on the back burner for way too long!  

I asked Jane what colors she’d like for her quilt, and she said “unicorn colors”.  From her collection of stuffed unicorns, I guessed that meant lots of pinks, aqua, teal, and some orchid.

Clover Quilt Pattern

As I was pulling fabrics for this quilt, I realized I have very few large scale prints in my stash….small prints and near solids are definitely my go to!  They also feel like they can grow with her more, and if I buy patterned bedding in the future it will still match.  

It took me forever to decide, but I finally settled on making her the Clover pattern.  

Clover Quilt Pattern

Since moving my sewing area downstairs, I’m trying out this portable design wall by Fons and Porter.   It feels identical to those vinyl picnic table cloths with the fuzzy backs on them….you could use one of those and I’m sure it would work perfectly!  

Clover Quilt Pattern

I hung it with a row of Command Hooks,  and I can easily hang it or take it down.  I leave the hooks up and they are barely noticeable against my white walls.   

So far, I like it!  Blocks don’t adhere to it quite as well as they do to a piece of batting pinned to the wall…but I also don’t want to pin batting to my walls. 

Clover Quilt Pattern

I’m so glad I bought extra of this Tula Pink fabric last year…it’s a perfect punch of color for the binding. 

Kaitlyn quilted this one for me, I asked her to choose the quilting and she picked a perfect design! 

Clover Quilt Pattern

Needless to say, that unicorn loving girl LOVES her quilt.  I love that it can grow with her, but it still feels perfect for a spunky almost 5 year old. 

Clover Quilt Pattern

I forgot to get a good photo of the backing, but you can see a hint of it below.  It’s a floral with these same colors…I found it on sale at my local quilt shop (I’m not sure what the fabric is).

Clover Quilt Pattern

This was a super fun quilt to sew.  Something about these “unicorn” colors are just so happy!  

Fabrics:  A big mix but if you want to know a certain one ask in the comments and I’ll try to find it! 

Pattern:  Clover  




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Springtime Shuffles

Fat Quarter Shuffle pattern, beginner friendly

I think that I mentioned before that I was trying to clean up my quilting projects. 

It started as a Fall clean, then a Winter clean, now we’re into Spring…but I’m finally caught up!  My unfinished quilt tops and half finished project piles are all finished or donated and I can focus on the new.  The best feeling!  

Fat Quarter Shuffle pattern, beginner friendly

I made a couple of extra Shuffle quilts last year as testers…mostly to see how the crib size would look laid out since it’s only made with 10 fat quarters.  I mixed the older Cotton & Steel Spectacle prints with some basics and a jolt of black…it’s bold but simple.  

Fat Quarter Shuffle pattern, beginner friendly

Some quick loopy free motion quilting and a black binding (plus a tiny strip of blue) finish it off.  

Fat Quarter Shuffle pattern, beginner friendly

I purchased this cute fabric by Cathy Nordstrom a couple of years ago, sewed this top, and it’s hung it in my closet ever since.  It’s so perfect for Spring!  

Pattern is Fat Quarter Shuffle but in the Throw size.  

Fat Quarter Shuffle pattern, beginner friendly

I finished it with loopty loops and it will make a fun gift, I know a few teens who would love this fabric. 

Fat Quarter Shuffle pattern, beginner friendly

March is always a hectic fun-filled blur for us with 3 kids birthdays to celebrate.  I told the kids today we are doing a sugar detox after all the cake/ice cream/candy/eating out we’ve had the past few weeks plus my birthday and Easter this weekend.  I’ve eaten my weight in cake…ice cream cake to be exact.

Have a great week! 




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Thursday scraps

I received a concerned email asking me why I was quitting and closing down Cluck Cluck Sew….which means I should probably start posting regularly again!  Also NO…I’m not leaving or quitting or closing down, it’s just been on the backburner and it’s hard to jump back into it regularly.   You can’t get rid of me that easily!  

I have been sewing and I have the (super cute) scraps to prove it!  

I’ve been buying some spring-ish florals and cute prints that catch my eye.  Those strawberries are by Riley Blake, the collection is New Dawn (that whole line is so cute).  The florals are also Riley Blake, big florals are from Flower Market, and the little floral with carrots are from the line Easter Egg Hunt.  

I’m finally updating my Sugar Dish pattern after saying I was “working on it” for the last… oh I don’t know…7 years.  I wrote this pattern in 2010, I cringe when I look at it in black and white on copy paper.  Bless you if you bought this pattern back then!  

This month all of my kids will be in school for the first time in a year!  Hallelujah.  It’s still only part time, but it’s a perfect transition back into the classroom.  I’ve loved having them home so much this past year, but they reaaaaally missed school and it was starting to take a toll on their mental health.  

Six weeks ago my kids let our male rabbit out in the yard at the same time as our female rabbit…and now we have a litter of 8 fuzzy bunnies!  Man they are fun….and maybe the most held/loved/played with bunnies ever.  

My latest fabric crush is these Bee Basics by Lori Holt for Riley Blake.  I bought 1/2 yards of my favorites to try them out and mix them in with my stash.  

Honestly they feel rougher in person than the Blossom Basics by Riley Blake that I use in everything, and the Blossom Basics are even cheaper in price.   The print of these is perfect and I love the range of colors available though.   I’ll give them a whirl and see how they compare.

So there’s the most random Thursday blog post ever…all to let you know that I’m over here snuggling bunnies and buying lots of new fabric I probably don’t need!  ;)  




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