Sick of quilt pictures yet?  Is that even possible?  I love the way this one turned out and it was fun to photograph (at the park…again!). Hideaway is made from fat quarters or yardage, and comes in five sizes.


This was quilted by Kathy with tight circle swirls.  I’m never sure what the real pattern names are for the quilting so I totally just make them up and they are probably super wrong.  ;) 

You know I’m not usually a one fabric line kind of girl but I used all but one of the prints in this quilt from Hazel, and they mesh nicely together while still being different enough to make the quilt interesting.  Does that make sense?  Anyways…I’ll be back next week with more quilt photos and market photos and talk to you soon!



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Hello March


This quilt just looks like the month of March…all springy and March-y (?).  Anyways…this one is my favorite out of the new bunch of quilts.

I’ve made this 3 times already from layer cakes, and it’s easy to make and quick to layout…just the way I like ‘em.  Anyone with small children knows you can’t have quilt blocks laid out on the floor for more than an hour or it begs to be destroyed and scattered.


This version was made with a layer cake (a pack of 42 – 10” squares) of Hazel, and quilted by Kathy in lovely loops.

I have to hand it to my three awesome kids.  By now they know that “let’s go to the park” is Mom code for “let’s go take a thousand pictures of quilts at the park”.  They don’t even blink when I pack 5 quilts and my camera onto the stroller.

This pattern comes in 5 sizes and is layer cake or fat quarter friendly.  I made a bright summery version of this I’ll show you soon…it’s very bright but perfect for kids.


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