Have a question?  Hopefully this will help!  If not, shoot me an email and I’m happy to help if I can!  -Allison    clucklcucksew@gmail.com
Can I sell things made from your tutorial and patterns?
Yes you can!  I love to support other small businesses.  If you are using a free tutorial and selling something online, please let others know where they can find the tutorial.  If you want to sell in large quantities…shoot me an email and we’ll chat, but other than that, sell away!
Where do you buy fabrics?
I love shopping at my local quilt shops whenever possible, but since there aren’t a lot of options near me and I’d rather not drag my minions into a quilt shop, I buy most of my fabric online.  Here are a few shops I’ve bought from and recommend:  Fat Quarter Shop, Hawthorne Threads, WestwoodAcres, Fabric Worm,  Pink Castle Fabrics, Fabric.com, and Stash Fabrics.
Do you pre-wash your fabric?
99.9% of the time….no.  In fact I don’t think I’ve pre-washed any of my fabric for a couple of years!  If you are using high (quilt shop) quality fabric, you shouldn’t need to pre-wash it, and definitely don’t pre-wash your pre-cut fabrics.  The exceptions are if the fabric is low quality from a chain store (like Joann’s…but they have some nice quality stuff now), a flannel, solid black, brown, navy blue, or a red.  Pre-washing removes the sizing the fabric comes with and makes it more difficult to sew with, but if you are worried about it…by all means pre-wash it!
What solids do you use?
You can find a post here, with all of my favorite solids and how/why I use them.
What thread do you use?
I go back and forth on this, but my favorites are Aurifil and Superior threads.
What Sewing machine do you use?
You can find a post here about my machines, and what I like/dislike about them!
Have you ever backed a quilt with minky fabric and how?
You can find a post here about backing quilts with minky.  It involves lots and lots of basting spray and pins!
Where do I begin if I want to make a quilt?
Start small and simple!  The last thing you want to do is start something big and complex…you’ll get frustrated and give up!  My friend Amy has a great tutorial series on how to make a quilt from start to finish you can find here. 
Do you quilt your own quilts?
Yes!  And no.  Anything Twin size and smaller I don’t mind quilting myself on my own home machine.  Anything larger than that, or if it’s a Twin backed with minky, I send out to be quilted.  Kathy is my quilter and I love her.  I also recommend SewShabbyQuilting, Sometimes Crafter, and Crinklelove.
What camera do you use?
Canon 60D.  It’s my 4th child.
What is the best way to bind a quilt and is there any good tutorials?
I bind most of my quilts by machine using my tutorial here.    My friend Megan also has an awesome tutorial for binding here.   If you want to use the quilt back to bind, here is a tutorial for that.
Can you make this pattern bigger/small for me?
I love to be able to help re-size things for you when I can…but I’m also running around like a crazy person trying to squeeze everything in.  Shoot me an email and if I’ve figured it out before I can usually figure it out pretty quickly, or at least give you some easy pointers how.  Sometimes a quilt just doesn’t work out to the right size because of the blocks sizing…so I’ll help when I can as time allows!