A Five + Ten Picnic Quilt

Picnic Quilt Pattern

Anyone else feel like summer is flying by?  I’ve finished a few projects in between camping trips and kids activities, having a project to work on has kept me sane!  

First up is this quilt I made with Denyse Schmidt’s new line Five + Ten and my Picnic quilt pattern.  

Picnic Quilt Pattern

 These Five + Ten prints are bright, saturated colors, but still have a vintage summer feel.  I made this to be our actual picnic quilt, so I didn’t want a white background. 

Instead I used the Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Flax, it’s the perfect natural color and the white in the prints stand out against it.  

Picnic Quilt Pattern

Do you lay out all of your pieces into blocks before you start sewing?  Or do you just grab as you go?  

Most of the time I have to organize everything into blocks before I sew.  It takes some time, but I think (?) it’s faster in the end.  Maybe. 

Picnic Quilt Pattern

This is one of those patterns you can overthink the placement of the fabrics and blocks.  It’s hard to see the pattern come together until it’s sewn, and keep the same fabrics away from each other. 

This time I laid the blocks out quickly, and only made sure my darkest colors were evenly spaced.  There’s a few blocks I would have moved had I stared at it longer, but I also probably wouldn’t have finished it.

Picnic Quilt Pattern

Picnic Quilt Pattern

Kaitlyn quilted this one for me, and I bound it with a dark navy blue solid…and a little strip of yellow (when the binding was too short!).  For some reason I have no photos with the backing showing, but it’s a matching blue gingham. 

Picnic Quilt Pattern Picnic Quilt Pattern

 Yes it was crazy to spend this much money on a picnic quilt that is going to get FILTHY and dragged around the yard by my girls…but now we get to enjoy using a beautiful quilt (and washing it a thousand times until it falls apart!).  





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Avenue Quilt

Avenue Quilt Pattern, Jelly Roll pattern

I waited to share this Avenue pattern in hopes that the cover fabric would be in stores by now, but since fabric is all running behind, I couldn’t wait any longer to hit “publish” on this post!  

This Songbook collection by Fancy That Design House for Moda is definitely one of my favorites (if not my favorite) of the year.  

Avenue Quilt Pattern, Jelly Roll pattern

It was supposed to ship in May, so hopefully soon it will be available…it’s worth the wait!

Avenue Quilt Pattern, Jelly Roll pattern

This Avenue pattern is a spin off my Breezy pattern, one that can be made in 4 sizes with pre-cut 2 1/2″ strips or yardage. 

It’s a quick quilt and a great way to show off the print in strips! 

Avenue Quilt Pattern, Jelly Roll pattern

Avenue Quilt Pattern, Jelly Roll pattern

Kaitlyn quilted this for me in loopty loops

I used one of my favorite 108″ wide back fabrics for the backing.  

Avenue Quilt Pattern, Jelly Roll pattern

Avenue can be found here as a PDF pattern, and here as a Paper pattern.  

We have been busy busy busy with baseball games, birthdays, preschool/elementary/middle school graduations, field days, and weekend camping trips.  After last year I’m loving every second of it, and feeling so grateful to have places to go and thing to do again!  

 Jane turned 5 the end of May, and it feels like I had her yesterday.  It went by in a blink! 

Have a great day!  -Allison




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A Summer Runner and Sew Sampler 2021

Photo used with permission from Quilts & More magazine. ©2021 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

Summer feels right around the corner, and I have a summer table runner pattern in the newest issue of Quilts & More out now!  It’s a super easy, stash friendly table runner (or wouldn’t it make a cute quilt?).  

This is my 3rd (or 4th?) time designing a block for the Summer Sampler quilt-a-long, and sign ups are going on now and it starts June 7th!   This is such a well designed and organized quilt-a-long, each week you get a new block pattern emailed to you, and it will push you to learn some new skills hopefully!  This year the theme was “vintage blocks” and we each chose a traditional block as inspiration. 

I’m not supposed to tell you which traditional block I chose…but it rhymes with myrish train.  ;) 


You can sign up here for the Summer Sampler, and use the code CLUCKCLUCKSEW for $5.00 off.  

I’m hoping to squeeze in some more fun summer projects this year…and get a head start on a cute fall quilt!  





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