Backyard Blooms Chickens

Chickens quilt pattern

There was no way I couldn’t make a Chicken quilt with my Backyard Blooms fabric…it was meant to be made into chickens!  

I made the small throw size of this pattern, which means I had to choose 8 fat quarters and took 1 hour (or more) just trying to narrow down which fabrics to use.  They would all be so good in this pattern.

My favorite block is this gal, in all her navy blue floral glory: 

Chickens quilt pattern

The reds, yellows, and tan solids are all Artisan Cottons by Windham Fabrics.  I’m not sure of the color names but the SKU’s are 40171-29, 40171-53, and 40171-62 in case you want to track them down.   

Bella solids in Mustard, Cherry, and Paper Bag are also close matches.  

Chickens quilt pattern

Chickens quilt pattern

Kaitlyn quilted this with a chicken wire/honeycomb design like my other Chicken quilts

I just can’t quit the chicken wire quilting!  

Chickens quilt pattern

I had this quilt hanging in my dining room for a few weeks so it wouldn’t get wrinkly before I could take photos of it. 

We were eating dinner one night and my 9 year old said “Mom…it’s kind of weird to have that quilt in here while we’re eating chicken”.   

After that it was never the same, and I had to take it down LOL.  




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Jelly Weave

Jelly Weave, jelly roll quilt pattern

The last new pattern I wrote to accompany Backyard Blooms is Jelly Weave.  

This is one of those quilts that when you step back, or even just squint a bit you can really see the pattern.   I love woven looking quilts (like this, and this, and this!), and this one is so simple to put together.  

Backyard Blooms fabric

It’s made from a Jelly Roll (pre-cut 2 1/2″ strips) or you can cut strips from yardage.  

This is only the second pattern I’ve written with the blocks set on-point (on the diagonal).  The blocks are laid out and sewn into diagonal rows, and the edges of the quilt top are trimmed straight. 

If you’ve never made an on-point quilt, this is a good place to start with easy big blocks!

Jelly Weave, jelly roll quilt pattern

I made this quilt with just a few days until photos were due for the fabric line, so I had to baste and quilt this one myself in an afternoon.  You can barely see the quilting lines, but I did some simple straight lines 1/4″ away from the seams in one direction.  

It’s not what I would have picked if I had more time (a.k.a. if I hadn’t procrastinated until the day before), but it works!  

Jelly Weave Quilt

Finn and Jane have become the best little friends.   It’s probably because she’s short and she always has food, but he is so patient and careful with her even when I know she’s driving him crazy.

Plus he’ll pose for a photo…will work for treats!

Jelly Weave, jelly roll quilt pattern

Jelly Weave can be found here as a paper pattern, or here as a PDF pattern. 

Puppy not included (depending on the day).  





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Clover quilt pattern, 10 inch square or layer cake friendly

When I submitted the first draft of my Backyard Blooms fabric, there was a little four leaf clover print in it, and I had this “clover” quilt planned out in my head to match.  

The clover print was nixed, but this quilt was still begging to be made! 

Clover quilt pattern, 10 inch square or layer cake friendly

The throw size (the cover quilt) takes just one layer cake (yay!!!!!) plus a background fabric, or fat eighths. 

This would be a fabulous quilt for large scraps, or those large pieces of fabric that aren’t quite scraps, but aren’t quite fat quarters (basically my whole stash at the moment!).  

Clover quilt pattern, 10 inch square or layer cake friendly

Ideally the fabrics should be non-directional (unlike the chicken fabric in my quilt), but I’ve never cared if the fabrics were turned here and there, so I went for it.  Broken record here…this is another quilt that Diagonal Seam Tape will save you a thousand hours (give or take a little) marking diagonal lines.  ;) 

I’m making this quilt for Jane’s twin size bed in pinks/blues/lavenders….it’s going to be so adorable on her bed!   Also I haven’t made her a quilt yet since I was pregnant with her…whoops.  

Clover quilt pattern, 10 inch square or layer cake friendly

Kaitlyn quilted this in an all over floral design.  I wanted to bring out the roundness of the blocks a little more with the quilting.  

Clover quilt pattern, 10 inch square or layer cake friendly

The Clover pattern can be found here as a PDF pattern, and here as a Paper pattern .

Backyard Blooms will be available in July…I’ll post when it’s out in shops! 

Clover quilt pattern, 10 inch square or layer cake friendly




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