March favorites + Shimmers

Shimmer Quilt Blocks

Can you believe it’s the last week of March?!!!  

If you’re sewing Shimmer blocks along with me for the block-a-long, it’s time to make 4 more blocks if you haven’t yet!  My blocks are very scrappy.  I’m choosing fabrics as I go and hoping for the best when I’m done…it might be a hot mess.  I’ve loved seeing all of the Shimmer blocks on Instagram

Ombre Basics Moda

I’ve been sewing a little bit behind the scenes with these pretty ombre fabrics.  I’m hoping to share my quilt soon but in the meantime I have lots of fabric photos!

The new colors of Ombre confetti, and solids come out in July.  They combine perfectly with the older colors (which are hard to find now but I found a jelly roll on Etsy).  

Ombre Basics by Moda

My sweet Sophie turned 7 earlier this month (how?!!!). 

I remember making her this pink hourglass quilt (tutorial found here) like it was yesterday. 

Pink Hourglass Baby Quilt Tutorial

This is one of my favorite photos of her happily watching me sew.  It sums up perfectly what working and sewing with small babies is like…you just make it work.

I was making this quilt (free tutorial here).  I forgot how much I love that quilt and need to remake it. 

This is one of my the most beautifully done simple music videos I’ve seen.  I dare you not to cry.  

I’ve made this “healthy” pasta every week for months.  My picky family loves it and it turns out perfect every time in under 30 minutes.

Have a great week!  It’s spring break for us which means no sewing for Mom!  ;)  


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Bounce is in the House!

Bounce fabric collection, Windham Fabrics

Bounce has finally started arriving in shops!  

I have loved sewing with this line, I even ran out of my sample yardage, so once I got some fabric again this week I started sewing some new things I’ll share soon. 

Here’s some of my favorite things I’ve made with Bounce I thought I’d re-share since it’s been since October when I first posted it: 

Chain Reaction Quilt Pattern in Bounce Fabrics

Chain Reaction with the blue tossed alphabet print as the background.  It also comes in a low volume colorway perfect for subtle fun backgrounds. 

Boxed Up Quilt Pattern in Bounce

Boxed Up with a layer cake of Bounce

Ziggy Baby Quilt in Bounce Fabrics

Ziggy Baby, and the free pattern for the fabric beach balls found here

Off Track Pattern in Bounce Fabrics

Off Track with a jelly roll of Bounce and this green background fabric (my favorite shade of green!). 

Libby Quilt Pattern in Bounce Fabrics

The Libby pattern, so fun in this fabric and fast!

Rainy Day Jr. Free Pattern in Bounce

Rainy Day Jr. free pattern found here, I used her alternate directions that only use one fabric for the cloud, but I can’t see it on her site anymore. 

Geranium Dress Sewing Pattern in Bounce

Geranium dress in the gray floral on Jane that I bribed with a sucker (you can tell she was done with pictures by her little fists LOL!). 

Easy Bake Layer Cake pattern in Bounce

My Easy Bake pattern got a new cover with Bounce, made with one layer cake

Bounce, by Cluck Cluck Sew for Windham fabrics

Check your local quilt shop for Bounce now, and you can also find it in shops online as well. 

I can’t wait to see what you make with it!




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A Tennis Quilt

Tennis Quilt, Batter Up Pattern, Fat Quarter friendly and easy to make!

You know what I love more than every sport combined (besides sewing…obviously I consider that a sport)?   Tennis.  

In my mind I’m really good at tennis…but in reality I’m pretty “meh” at tennis.  Even though my skills are seriously lacking it’s been one of my favorite sports since high school.  

Tennis Quilt, Batter Up Pattern, Fat Quarter friendly and easy to make!

The best part about the Batter Up pattern I shared last week (thank you for all the kind comments about it!) is that it can double as a tennis quilt.  

Tennis Quilt, Batter Up Pattern, Fat Quarter friendly and easy to make!

Tennis Quilt, Batter Up Pattern, Fat Quarter friendly and easy to make!

To make this pattern into a tennis quilt, all you do is swap the white fabric out for lime green (or is it yellow?!) and the red fabric out for white. 

The fabric I used for the tennis balls is called Add it Up in Glow by Cotton and Steel.   For the rest of the quilt I used some fabrics from my stash, prints from my Bounce fabric line (which is in a lot of shops now!), and a few of these Blossom basics. I’ve been using those non-stop and loving them.   

Tennis Quilt, Batter Up Pattern, Fat Quarter friendly and easy to make!

This is the crib size quilt, and my 11 year old was a good sport for making a stop at the tennis court on the way home from church so I could snap this picture. 

Tennis Quilt, Batter Up Pattern, Fat Quarter friendly and easy to make!

It looks sunny and warm but it was FREEZING!  I’m ready for warmer weather.  

The Batter Up pattern can be found here as a PDF, or here as a paper pattern.  




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