Pattern Corrections

Each of my patterns is read, tested, and edited multiple times, but occasionally an error slips through.  Errors are fixed immediately in any future printings and corrections are posted here.  

If you find any errors, please contact me.  Thank you!

Wish #198

The pattern is correct, but in the paper printed version of the pattern the layout of the blocks is flipped from the cover quilt photo (the stars are towards the top in the pattern, but they are towards the bottom on the pattern cover).  The placement is personal choice and interchangeable, whether you want the stars facing the top or bottom.  It only really matters in the Twin and Queen size.   Either way is cute!

Fat Quarter Shuffle #198 

The pattern is correct, but the images can be confusing!  Ignore the colors of the fat quarters and of the blocks being assembled.  I tried making Block A and Block B red or blue, but it’s more confusing!  The strips cut from the fat quarters will all be mixed up, don’t worry about keeping them separated. 



Jelly Weave #195

For the Queen size, you’ll only need to make 85 blocks instead of 87.  For the King size, you will only need to make 91 blocks instead of 93 blocks.  For both, if you follow the pattern you will just have 2 leftover blocks after laying out the quilt. 


Clover #194  

The Fat Eighth fabric requirements on wrong on the back cover of some early patterns, it should look like this (Fat Eighth requirements are the only difference): 

Going Up#179: 

If you are making the Queen size, you may want to have 9 blocks in each row, and 10 rows  (90″ x 100″), instead of 10 blocks in each row and 9 rows (100″ x 90″) as is written in the pattern layout. It’s personal preference, whether you want more fabric on the sides of the quilt, or at the bottom/top of the quilt.  I always recommend measuring the mattress to be sure.

To the Point #141:  The pattern is correct but the images are misleading in steps 8, 16, and 18.  In steps 8 and 16, the half rectangles should have 1/8″ or slightly more extra white fabric at one corner, and extra print fabric at the other corner.  When sewn together into the triangle, this makes the extra 1/2″ seam allowance at the point of the triangle. 


Button Up #142:  The pattern is correct, but I recommend cutting each fat quarter very very carefully!  The pattern uses the entire 18″ length of each fat quarter as you can see in the diagram below…you may not have room to square up the edge of each fat quarter before cutting.  Lay each fat quarter on the cutting mat and plan out your cuts before cutting, making sure that you will have enough length to make each cut before trimming up the edges at all. 
 If you pre-wash and dry your fabrics, you may not have enough length to use and will need to use additional yardage to cut the pieces from.


Touchdown #143:   The pattern is correct, but I recommend buying 1/2 yard of each background fabric, especially if you are a beginner.  It will give you some extra room for mis-cuts. 

Off Track #121:   The pattern is correct but if you are making a KING size, I would recommend adding another one to two blocks onto each row to make the quilt wider.  Email me at if you want to make the KING size and I can help you adjust the requirements!