Evergreen Quilt + Tutorial

Evergreen Tree Quilt Tutorial

Since I live in the Evergreen State, it’s only fitting to call this my Evergreen quilt. 

I made a handful of extra tree blocks when I was testing them for my Suburbs quilt, so I figured why not make a few more and put them to good use?!  These are quick and addicting to make, and a good first project trying templates if you haven’t ever used them. 

Evergreen Tree Quilt Tutorial

Evergreen Tree Quilt Tutorial

I included some quick instructions for making this quilt below.  It’s a fast sew, and a good use of the random leftover green fabrics I had stuffed into my stash. 

Tree Block Pattern

Evergreen Tree Quilt Tutorial

The finished quilt measures 49″ x 55″.  

  1.  Make 35 tree blocks using this printable tree block pattern.  
  2. Cut 35 strips 2 1/2″ x 7 1/2″.  Sew a strip to the bottom of 20 tree blocks.  Sew a strip to the top of 15 tree blocks.  Evergreen Tree Quilt Tutorial3.  Layout the blocks into 5 rows of 7 blocks each, alternating between blocks with strips at the bottom or top.  Sew blocks together to form rows, and sew the rows together to make the quilt top.  I like to press my seams open, but you could also alternate pressing directions if you press to the side.   Don’t worry too much if you are sewing some of your points off a little or they aren’t perfect as you sew the quilt together…especially if you are a beginner!

Evergreen Tree Quilt Tutorial

Evergreen Tree Quilt Tutorial

I did a super fast finish and quilted this with wavy lines on my Bernina with the walking foot.  I use stitch 4, and set the width to 5.5 and the stitch length to 3. 

Evergreen Tree Quilt Tutorial

We are still hoping for some snow here in Seattle this winter…but for now it feels like Spring already.  It’s 52 degrees and sunny, and Jane and I already walked through the park today after running errands.  No complaints here!



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Being Content

One Way Quilt Pattern, Cluck Cluck Sew

Aqua One Way Quilt

Early in 2018 I decided to create with more intention.  Less hustle, less comparison, and more finding joy in creating.  Looking back on the year I feel like I did just that, or at least got really close.  I made less, wrote less, designed less, and posted less, but what I did create, I did for the enjoyment of doing so.   

I have a few small personal goals as we head into a New Year, but my main goal is the same for 2019 as it was in 2018….to be content.  

Content with my work, and finding joy in creating while still pushing myself.  Content with my time, and being mindful of what I do with it.   Content with my home, and it’s never ending list of projects and fingerprints to clean.  Content with my body, and focusing more on giving it what it needs (i.e. not Diet Dr. Pepper) instead of what it looks like.  Content with my finances, and being proud of how far we’ve come instead of discouraged by how far we’ve yet to go.   Content with my parenting, because I have a lot to work on daily, but I’m also doing a pretty darn good job.  Content in my trials, because that’s how I learn and grow even when things are the worst. 

Anyways…you get the idea.    I’m working on being content and happy with where I am now, while still working to improve and progress.  It takes daily work to change my thoughts, not compare, and just remember to be happy where I’m at right now…but it’s worth it.  

Milk, Flour, Sugar Quilt

Milk, Flower, and Sugar Quilt

I added a few of my favorite finished quilts and posts from the past year. 

My most visited post was also my favorite to write:   11 Things I’ve Learned in 11 Years.  

Fat Quarter Friday Quilt Pattern, 2 easy quilts you can make in a weekend

Fat Quarter Friday Quilts

Slam Dunk Quilt Pattern

Slam Dunk Quilt

Stack, Cut, and Sew Blocks Tutorial

Easy Stack, Cut, and Sew Quilt Tutorial

Fat Quarter Friday Pattern

Mauvelicious Fat Quarter Friday Quilt

Simplify Quilt Pattern

Simplify Quilt

Color Pop, Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern in 5 sizes

Color Pop Quilt

Scout Quilt Pattern

Summer Scout

Bounce Fabrics

Bounce Quilts (shipping to stores in March!)


I hope that 2019 brings you happiness, contentment, and lots of quilting!  Happy New Year friends! 





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A Finished Suburbs Christmas Quilt

Suburbs Christmas Quilt with a Free Tree Block add on

It’s a Christmas miracle…the binding is sewn on BEFORE Christmas! 

 I really wasn’t planning on finishing up my Suburbs quilt for this Christmas, but Kathy sent it back to me this week so I have a bit to enjoy it!

Isn’t this quilting BEAUTIFUL?!!!!  

Suburbs Christmas Quilt with a Free Tree Block add on

I just love the “stormy sky” and the straight lines in the houses and trees.  It just adds so much character and movement to this quilt.   Kathy is amazing if you need a quilter!

Suburbs Christmas Quilt with a Free Tree Block add on

Suburbs Christmas Quilt with a Free Tree Block add on

The pattern for this quilt is Suburbs, and I added a tree block which you can find as a free printable template here.  It’s a fun, fast sew!  

There are more details about the fabrics in this post about the quilt top. 

My kids are the BEST ages for Christmas this year.   Jane’s only request from Santa was for candy canes….so it’s safe to say she’ll be thrilled!  ;)  

Harris Family

Merry Christmas and much love from my family to yours!   




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