Mini Quilts!

Pow Wow Mini Quilt

I have to fess up to not being into the whole “mini quilt” thing when it became popular.  I mean, what is the point of a mini quilt??!

Now I’m sticking my big foot in my mouth…because these were so much fun to make.  I get it now!  I love making mini quilts!  

Mini Quilts Pattern Cluck Cluck Sew

I especially love not having to crawl around on the ground to lay out blocks.  I could lay the whole mini quilt out on my sewing table and not even have to move!  Plus they are a fun challenge, all those tiny pieces take some concentration.  I actually feel like a better quilter after making these (actually Trish made these two!).   

Shortcake and Button Up Mini Quilts

I made 7 of my older patterns into minis, basically the ones that you had asked for, and I felt worked best in a mini-version.  I didn’t want to offer them as individual patterns…so I put them all into one booklet, plus a SEW mini just for fun.  The booklet is 18 pages with the 8 mini patterns, plus some close up photos and tips.   I worked on sewing  and the writing the booklet here and there throughout the summer…oh and happy September 1st by the way!

Cluck Cluck Sew Mini Quilts

Button Up Mini Quilt

Even the bindings were fun to hand sew…and quick!   I cut the binding strips 2″ instead of 2 1/2″.  It looks better on these small quilts and was still easy enough to hand sew to the back.  

Mini Quilts Cluck Cluck Sew

Cluck Cluck Sew Mini Quilts

My favorite 3 of the bunch is Spin Cycle, Suburbs, and Pow Wow.   Those Spin Cycle blocks were fun to put together (they are just over 6″), and watching those tiny seams line up is pretty darn fulfilling.  

Mini Quilts

You can find the pattern booklet in my shop here, in a booklet paper version or a PDF (letter sized printable) version.  My other new pattern is in there too…I’ll blog about that quilt next!

Cluck Cluck Sew Mini Quilts

 After making/writing all these I feel like I need to make something big!  Next up…SUPER SIZED quilts!  😉  

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Sparkle Quilt Binding

My kids have played pretty well together all summer long…until this week.  Now we’re ready for school to start (6 more days!).   Since not all of you are on Instagram I’m re-posting some of those photos here.  I’m almost done with the pattern up there and I’ll get it posted in the next few days.  

Kathy's Spin Cycle Quilt

 Kathy sent me this picture of her Spin Cycle quilt and it pretty much made my week.  

It makes me want horses…maybe someday. Right now I’m on pet restriction (husband’s actual words) because of these: 


We have four baby bunnies just old enough to play with.   Cuteness explosion.  We haven’t let Wilson see them yet, and in case you forgot, Wilson is our “kitten” that grew and grew and ate and grew some more.   

Wilson Kitty

If you can’t tell by the expression on his face he totally loves me.  

Besides having too many pets I’ve also been working on a few other mini things…more on these soon!

Mini Pow Wow Blocks


2" pinwheels!

2″ pinwheels!   I’m off to the last day of swim lessons…woohoo!


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Berry Cross Stitch Quilt

Berry Cross Stitch Quilt

I finished this quilt up just in time for my new niece Elinor to be born last month.  I made this top back in OCTOBER (could it really have been that long ago?) and I’ve been saving it for a special someone to gift it to.  

Berry Cross Stitch Quilt

I backed this one in a violet pink minky to match the front, and I sent it to Kathy for quilting.  I added a thick batting to this one, so I was a little wary to quilt it myself with the minky plus batting…and Kathy did a beautiful job with simple pink loopty loops.  I machine bound this one as I do with all my minky backed quilts (it’s tricky to hand stitch through!) using this method.   With loose quilting the quilt isn’t stiff at all, but has a nice weight to it that I love. 

Berry Cross Stitch Quilt


Berry Cross Stitch Quilt

There is NOTHING in this world better than a newborn.  I’ve been hogging her every chance I get.  



A tutorial for the cross stitch blocks can be found here, and my previous post about this quilt is here.  Happy weekend!  

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Friday Favorites

Pretty Fat Quarter Stack


Yay for Friday!  I had just a smidgen of sewing time this week….I love having my kids home for the summer but I always feel guilty when I sneak in to sew.  3 more weeks until school starts and hopefully I’ll have some sanity time! 

I have a few random things to share like that beautiful fat quarter bundle up there chosen by Amy for the I Want Her Stash club. 

Picnic Fabric


I ordered this fabric a few weeks ago and I love, love, love it.  It’s Picnic by Melody Miller for Cotton and Steel.  At least some of it is, the sprinkles are a basic I think. 

And….it’s already a quilt top I sent off to the quilter last week.  I know I’m like the boy who cried wolf but I really really love this quilt.  Like SO much. 

Sparkle Quilt Top

It’s a similar version of Wallflowers with different sizing and some block changes.  I’ve had this version on my mind since I released the first one.  This pattern will be available in the next couple of weeks. 

Handmade Style Book

I’m a little late to the party but I had to gush a bit about Anna’s beautiful book Handmade Style.  Besides the fact that the pictures and instructions are gorgeous, it’s also chocked full of projects I would love to make…and make over and over.  Love it Anna!!   

Handmade Style

Have a wonderful weekend!!  



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Hello August

Hello March Quilt

Well hey there!!    I made this quilt in May….as in 3 months ago…whaaa??   Time sure speeds by fast.  

Hello March Quilt

I made this one to take to Quilt Market, and I tried to use “gender neutral” colors…but I’m always kinda stumped as to what that means.  I figure I would have loved these colors as a young girl… so hopefully someone else will too!  

Hello March Quilt Closeup

This was made with my Hello March pattern (previous post on the pattern here), and a “layer cake” I cut from my own stash.  I quilted this one myself and apparently I was in a mood to try something new.  It turned out to be a swirly/pointy/popcorn design…in a few places it looks like a hot mess but overall…not so bad!  

Hello March Quilting


This kid has become an excellent quilt holder-upper.  Except he has to stand on a bench and he charges me for his services…$0.25 cents a quilt or ice cream is the going rate for a quilt holder-upper.  Not too shabby!

Hello March Quilt and Ben

We’ve renamed this quilt “Hello Idaho” in my house since the blocks kinda sorta look like the state.  We had a lovely long visit to Idaho last month (Ashton) and even though I love Seattle,  I sure wish I could live in both places at once. 



I have to give a big whopping shout out and thank you to Sarah over at Spunmonkey Designs for helping me me move my website to WordPress last month.  It was not without BIG challenges (like me making a big bad mistake and having to re-upload 1500 blog photos!!!!) but it was worth it.   If you’re thinking of migrating from Blogger to WordPress, she’s highly recommended by moi!

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