Scrappy Strips Quilt Finished

Scrappy Strips Quilt, Free Tutorial

I swear I *just* made this quilt top.  Turns out *just* was last June!  It’s a good thing I have past blog posts to keep a record of when I make things!

Scrappy Strips Quilt

I backed this one with a blue grid fabric by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics, and bound it with my favorite gray seeds print.  

I quilted this with simple loopty loops and posted a short (grainy!)  video on Instagram awhile back of me quilting this one with my Juki.  

Scrappy Strips Quilt, Tutorial

This quilt was from my Scrappy Strips Tutorial in 6 sizes, found here (or click the picture below).  

It’s a fun and fast quilt to make…especially if it doesn’t take you 11 months to finish it!!   

Scrappy Strips Quilt Tutorial in 6 sizes

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Cruising through


I have roughly 5 weeks until baby #4 comes…and it feels like I have so much time and barely any time left all at once.  I’ve slowed down quite a bit, and I’m trying to give Sophie some quality Mom time before baby comes and rocks her world.  

Oh and my ankles and feet are swollen past recognition…if I showed you a picture you’d have to flush your computer down the toilet and eat a pint of ice cream to recuperate.  

Oh the joys of the last trimester!

Fabric Stack Cluck Cluck Sew

I may have slowed down a bit but my trigger finger (a.k.a. online fabric purchasing clicker) has definitely not!   

I have been waiting for a few months for that top print by Leah Duncan for Cloud 9 fabrics (purchased here).   It’s a bit tricky to find but the most beautiful print…and it so perfectly coordinates with a lot of the prints and colors in my stash already.  Eeek I love it so much. 

Fabric, Cloud 9 print

I received the most beautiful gift in the mail a few weeks ago from my friend Keera in Australia.  Each one of those tiny spools is wrapped in a strip of my fabric!   Talk about a labor of love!  I love that this online space has gifted me with wonderful, supportive, and loving friends. 

Mini Spool Wreath

She has a tutorial for making these wreaths here.  She also makes beautiful patterns and has a beautiful blog!


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Scrap coin quilt

Scrap Coin Quilt

You know sometimes when it’s like pulling teeth to finish a project and finally you just muster through, just so you never have to look at the dumb thing again??  I know it’s not just me.  

This quilt was like that times ten.

Scrap Coin Quilt

I had tons of bad machine issues while finishing this quilt…like when I broke my first Juki the same day I opened it.  Whoops!  

Scrap Coin Quilt

Then I tried to quilt it with “organic” straight lines…but it just looked like I couldn’t sew a straight line a thousand times over the quilt top, and the walking foot went haywire and it wasn’t worth unpicking.  

Scrap Coin Quilt

So that, along with lots of other reasons, put this low on my list of quilts to finish.  I finally put on a good show (Poldark…so good!) a couple of weeks ago and quilted it with some more crooked lines and bound it.  

Scrap Coin Quilt

Then I gifted it to our semi-blind, 13 year old little dog….who doesn’t even mind the crooked lines and the bad tension issues.    I’m happy it’s done and it wasn’t wasted!   And before you yell at me for giving it to my dog…he actually needed a soft little quilt to sleep on…and this will double as the kids picnic quilt for the backyard!  😉

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Gingham Coral Quilt Top

Gingham Coral Quilt Top

This quilt caused quite the quandary…is it Gingham, or is it Buffalo Check??!  Oiy.  I wasted a good 15 minutes of my life with my good friend Google trying to figure it out.  

In the end all I found out was Buffalo Check was a bigger version of Gingham…so I’m calling this quilt pattern Gingham because it sounds cuter than Buffalo Check.  

Gingham Coral Quilt

Eventually the baby will share a room with Sophie, so I stuck with coral colors that match the quilt I made for Sophie’s bed .   I picked my solids first since they are the majority of the quilt, and sprinkled in a few prints here and there.  


This little quilt measures 38 1/2″ x 45 1/2″, and I cut my squares 4″.  

If you want to make a Gingham baby quilt like this you’ll need 143 – 4″ squares (42 dark squares, 71 light squares, and 30 white squares).  



Thanks for all the input on my gray walls in my last post.…you were almost exactly half and half!

My husband saw my post and let me know I’m prohibited from painting anything until I’m out of my crazy-pregnant-lady-nesting faze.  

He’s a smart man…and I think he suspects he’d be the one painting (which is true).  😉

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A Spring Start

Spring Fabrics

My cutting table was looking too pretty this morning not to take a picture.  I’ve been pulling for a Spring quilt and I think I finally have my choices just right.  The top fabric is an Amy Butler print and it has so many other great colors in it, perfect for pulling a colorful Spring quilt together. 

On the cutting table

(I want to paint my gray walls white…it’s the perfect gray…but it would lighten the room up so much and it’s better for photos…what should I DO??!!!)

Anyways, what was I saying…I also have baby girl quilts in the works with fabrics pulled and ready to be cut. 

I refreshed my solids stash this week and bought this beautiful bunch of the new Cotton and Steel solids.  They feel just like the Cotton and Steel print fabrics, and also identical to the Bella and Kona solids…but these were a little bit cheaper (yay!).  I had a hard time resisting ALL the colors.

Cotton and Steel Solids

My goal last month was to finish up this “fish” quilt top.  It’s not the most beautiful quilt I’ve ever made…but I have a soon-to-be 9 year old who is going to flip over it.  It took me 3 weeks to finally force myself to sew these blocks together.  Why is so hard to make myself sew something I don’t really want to sew??!  

I used my Easy Bake Pattern but cut the initial squares 9″ and the other cuts 3″.  I had 1/2 yards, so that way I could get 8 – 9″ squares from each 1/2 yard.  You could also make a huge disappearing 9 patch and get this block look.  

Fish Quilt

It turned out very fishy…perfect for a fishing obsessed kid.  Kathy already quilted it and it’s on my way home to me…so I’ll show you a better picture soon.   

According to the count-down calendar in my son’s room Salmon fishing season opens up in 112 days…you know…in case you were wondering.   I’m just full of helpful tidbits of fishing information.  😉 

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