Summer Splash table runner tutorial


I finally dusted off my sewing machine and made this summery table runner for a gift using a charm pack and a half yard of white fabric.  The fabric is Treasures and Tidbits.
To make this quick runner cut 160 squares 1.75″ x 1.75″, and pick out 40 – 5″ squares or use a charm pack.
Make a snowball block by sewing a white square in each corner of the 5″ square.  I find it easiest to chain piece when I make these blocks, and as you can see down below I used my masking tape trick instead of marking all of those tiny squares with pencil lines.


Then sew them together 4 blocks in a row & 10 rows. Or 10 blocks in a row &  4 rows….whatever suites your fancy.
I got A LOT of questions about keeping my lines straight when I do straight line quilting.  Usually I use the edge of my foot as a guide….or if I’m doing thicker lines I have a nifty bar/guide  that hooks into my walking foot.  I think more than anything straight lines just take practice…lots and lots of practice. But even after lots of practice you’ll still get some crooked lines…guaranteed (see those quilting lines up there??? crooked!)  So don’t be so hard on yourselves if you get a crooked line here or there.  🙂

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The other zig zag


I wasn’t going to blog this quilt since this is the ump-teenth time I’ve shown you a quilt like this…..but after sitting through an agonizing hour(s?) of quilting I needed someone to grumble too.  And you my friends…are that someone.
I love the look of straight line quilting but it is torture for me.  Seriously…I hate it.  Next time I need to get a good book to listen to.



I actually made this quilt awhile ago…but it wasn’t until I was boxing it up and sending it off to its new owner that I remembered how much I like the finished quilting.  Luckily straight line quilting is kind of like having a baby for me….pretty soon I’ll forget all about the pain and want to do it again.  Or not.  We’ll see.   Also…
The winner of the giveaway is Mickey White ( I sent you an email!).
And I have to say hello to my new friend Pam from North Carolina that I met in Joanns on Friday who is getting married today! Congrat’s Pam!  🙂

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Market highlights

Sick of all the market talk yet?  Me too.  But here’s some more…
During set up:
The first day with V (if you can’t tell I am really tall…and V is really short small):
Crashing the Riley Blake party with this crazy bunch (so..much…fun):
American Jane:
And more friends (photo taken by Sandi Klop herself):
Overall I had a great first market experience.  It’s always scary to put myself out there…but once I strapped on my big girl panties and went for it I was fine.   The best part was meeting all of these great blog friends face to face…the rest was just a perk.  

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