Ready or not

Baby #3 is well on his/her way.
Sorry for the creepy ultrasound picture…but it’s the law of blogging-you-are-pregnant…you must share the ultrasound picture.
I’m due March 19th…so I’ll have 3 babies born in March…so every March we’ll be the party house and sick of cake. :) We are really excited…I’m not feeling ready for 3 kids, but it will come. To celebrate I started a baby quilt that I’m not quite sure about:
I’m trying to jump out of my color comfort zone…but it might be a mistake. I’ll show you even if it is…unless it’s really bad.

Dots and pink

I got this lovely all pieced last week.  It went together even better than expected and I managed to sew all the sashings together without any swear words…thanks to good music and Sugar Babies. 
I have the backing all ready and hopefully I’ll get this basted after I clean my kitchen floor.
The pink is a slightly different shade than in the front fabric…but at 4.75 a yard I couldn’t resist  (I think it’s sold out now).   It’s very very pink.   The front fabric is Ruby…available in October.

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Round and pink…

As in a pink fuzzy Sprocket Pillow.  
This one is trimmed with pink chenille, up-cycled from my Mom’s old robe.  I love the vintage look it gives it.   This one is staying at my Mom’s house…it’s way too pink for mine.

I love the feel of chenille that is older and well used…it’s softer and better quality than anything I’ve ever found on a bolt.    So next time your at your thrift store and you see a nice chenille robe you might just want to pick it up.  Just make sure its pink (like a sweet old lady who never wore it) or white (bleachable).  
Cause you never know who’s naked-ness was in that robe.  :)

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