From a stack

I love how a stack of this…

can be transformed into this:

It’s amazing how much I like cutting up fabric and sewing it back together again.   This one was inspired by a photo of tile in Sevilla, Spain….where I met my husband.  :)  The fabric stack above is from my fat quarter bundle at the Fat Quarter Shop. 

Forties chevron

Scrappy chevrons inspired by this quilt that was bookmarked ages ago:
I love how all the chevrons are solids or semi-solids.
Note to self….wait until destructo-baby and his stuffed duck are asleep before laying out blocks.

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On vacation

The kids and I are in my hometown for the next 2 weeks.  Enjoying chocolate cake for breakfast (me…not them)…
working on my stack of unfinished projects…
while the kids are loving lazy-man wagon rides with Poppie.
Gotta love being home.  Especially with this nice cool weather Seattle has….love it.

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