Fun Stuff bags

Boys love trinkets.  My son calls his trinkets his “fun stuff”.  So I made him some “fun stuff” bags….because his “fun stuff” is all over the floor.
I used the instructions from this book:
It was the easiest method of making these lined bags that I’ve ever seen…but there are also good and similar tutorials for them here, or here, or here.

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IMG_7179 I love dresden plates.  Miniature dresden plates?  Even better.  I think these measure about 6 1/2” across.  Last year I made these Christmas pillows using dresden plates that I meant to make more of this year.  Guess it will have to wait seeing as how Christmas is 3 days away!!! IMG_7186

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Finished: Fall Tumbler Quilt

This one was REALLY hard for me to make myself finish once the Christmas decorations were out.   I did some super simple quilting along every other tumbler, and with a soft flannel back it gives it the weight and feel of a tied quilt.  I really like the feel of minimal quilting best for a “couch quilt”.
I’ve had a few questions about quilting with a flannel back, but I’ve really found very little difference between quilting with flannel or a cotton back.  The main difference is the quilt is a little thicker so using a walking foot is a MUST.  Also I do a little extra basting or use a basting spray to make up for the extra weight and tendency of the quilt to shift around while quilting.  Oh and the quilt will be cozier, warmer, and your family is more likely to use it… a major plus.
I used the 6 1/2″ Accuquilt tumbler die to make this quilt.



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