Baby Bliss

I whipped up this baby quilt a while ago using 2 Bliss charm packs.  
If you want to make a quilt like this start with 2 Charm packs.  There should be 80 squares and you only need 72…so pick out 8 squares to make the flower (or not).  You can see I picked out 2 of the red squares (4 petals from 1 square), 1 green for the leaves, 1 blue for the center and 4 more to make eight.  Then cut all of your remaining charm squares in half.  You should have 160 strips 2 1/2″ x 5″.
I mixed up all the strips and sewed them back into pairs.  Then I sewed those pairs together into sets of 4, and then I sewed my sets of 4 together into sets of 8.  If you do it that way vs. laying out all the little strips it will go faster…plus you can chain piece everything.  After I had sets of 8 I laid them all out into rows….two set per row.  Then you can finish sewing together your quilt top.   
Your on your own with the flower…I basically just fused the charm squares to webbing and cut out my shapes.  For the petals…you can fold your charm squares into fourths and draw the petal shape on the paper backing of the webbing and cut them out.  

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Protection for the Leapster

Ben got a Leapster for Christmas….and it needed some protection.  I made this little box bottom zip pouch for it to fit in, with a big pocket on the outside for games and a nice thick handle he can carry it around in. 

Anna has a good tutorial here, I just changed up the sizing a bit and added a pocket and a handle.

Maybe with a little luck this pouch will add some years to the Leapster’s life.  Because (almost) 4 years olds and semi-expensive electronics don’t mix (cringe).

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We had a low key Valentines day where we barely left the house, put the kids to bed at 7, ordered in Chinese food, and watched movies and funny TV.  I even got to sew…and stare at these lovelies from Jay next to my machine:
Ben got a load of Valentines and candy that he downed within an hour…but since it was SUCH a nice day he spent the whole after noon playing outside with friends and eluded my camera.  Fresh air and sunshine was just what he needed.
And I snuggled with Ryan….and cleaned up after him…as he is now a semi-walking tornado of destruction.
Hope you had a nice one too!

P.S.S.   Just ignore the fact that I just used 38 …’s (dot dot dot’s) in this post….yikes. 🙂

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