Fall Tumbler Quilt

While I was going through my fabric I decided I have enough odd-sized pieces of fabric to make a fall-ish quilt.  It’s definitely full of a big variety of fabrics, but it makes it fun so I’m going with it.  I decided on a tumbler quilt after I saw Nettie’s.

I used the Accuquilt Go Cutter to cut the tumbler shapes and it went together easy.  There’s no doubt this is one colorful quilt!

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Sherbet top


Love this line…..love this layer cake….love this quilt top.   It almost makes me want to get pregnant again so I could have a girl to give it to, but then I know I’d have another boy because I know I’m going to have 6 boys.  Its true.  Anyways….I love this quilt top.


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