Fat Quarter Shuffle

Fat Quarter Shuffle pattern, beginner friendly

I get asked ALL.THE.TIME. which pattern is best for a beginner making their very first quilt.  Even though all of my patterns are pretty simple and straightforward, there’s only a couple I’d recommend for a very beginner… including this one, Fat Quarter Shuffle.  

I wrote this pattern last September, taught it as a class in November, then it’s sat and sat and sat unfinished.  It feels like there are already 1000 variations of this same quilt in the world so I dragged my feet to finish it, but I’ve also really enjoyed making this quick finish a few times.  So now there will just be 1001 variations of this pattern and that’s ok I guess! 

Backyard Blooms, Windham Fabrics

Luckily I waited SO long to finish it that Backyard Blooms became available, so it only made sense to make this quilt with it! 

This pattern uses 16 fat quarters for the Throw size, and uses an easy strip piecing method.  

Backyard Blooms, Windham Fabrics

Fat Quarter Shuffle pattern, beginner friendly

Since I moved my sewing machine to the dining table, Jane will sneak up onto my sewing table and stare at the pictures on my pin board. 

I found her here after her nap today…”nap” hair and all.  

Fat Quarter Shuffle pattern, beginner friendly

There are very few seams that match in this quilt…which is always my ultimate goal as a self-proclaimed lazy non-pinning quilter.  

Fat Quarter Shuffle pattern, beginner friendly

Fat Quarter Shuffle pattern, beginner friendly

You can find Fat Quarter Shuffle as a PDF pattern here, or a Paper pattern here.  

The other thing I love about this pattern is that it includes the instructions for the layouts with blocks rotated.  So you can have horizontal strips, or vertical strips, and make this look completely different.  

Fat Quarter Shuffle pattern, beginner friendly

I have LOVED seeing photos of your Backyard Blooms fabric arriving.  It’s one of those lines that looks SO much better in person…so I’m anxious for you to see it in real life!

Backyard Blooms is available now, in your favorite quilt shop (hopefully!) and tons of places online.  

I’ll share my other Fat Quarter Shuffle quilts next week…they look so different in other fabrics.  

Happy weekend! 




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Backyard Blooms is here!

Backyard Blooms fabric

After six of the longest months EVER…Backyard Blooms is starting to ship to quilt shops!  

It packs a punch of color, and it’s even prettier in person.  Since it feels like a lifetime ago when I posted about it, today I’m re-sharing some of the projects I made: 

Clover quilt pattern, 10 inch square or layer cake friendly

Clover quilt, and the dress (thanks Mom!) is Simplicity pattern R10373

Brightly Quilt Pattern, layer cake or fat quarter friendly

Brightly quilt

Backyard Blooms fabric

Jelly Weave, jelly roll quilt pattern

Jelly Weave Quilt (may or may not come with the dog…it depends on the day)

Backyard Blooms fabric

Chickens quilt pattern

Chickens of course!

I also have a new project with it that I’ll share next week.  

Clover quilt pattern, 10 inch square or layer cake friendly

You can find Backyard Blooms in local quilt shops, online quilt shops, Etsy…and it’s still shipping, so hopefully it will be easy to find wherever you shop. 

I’m not posting links so that I don’t unintentionally exclude retailers that carry it, but a quick Google search for Backyard Blooms fabric will bring up plenty of options!  

Backyard Blooms fabric

I’m so excited to see what you guys make with it (or how pretty it looks on your shelf if you’re like me and have NO sewing time lately!). 

Who knew six months ago that by the time the fabric came out I would be using it to make….face masks?! 

At least it makes some cute masks (I’ve been using this tutorial).  





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Tick Tock Scrap Quilt


Truth be told I don’t love using scraps since it takes so much time, but I definitely LOVE the look of a scrap quilt. 

Since I had plenty of time, and plenty of scraps, I had no excuses not to make one!

This design was based off of the Tick Tock quilt in my book I wrote back in 2012.  My book is now out of print (the ebook can be found here), so I played with the design to make this scrappy, more compact version of that pattern.   

This is the grown up Tick Tock quilt!

I don’t love sewing looooong strips of blocks together without seams to match, so instead this is a block based quilt that goes together easily with (my favorite) nested seams.  

I moved my sewing machine onto the dining room table and free motion quilted this with large loops in between my kids wanting to be fed 87 times a day. 

A pink binding is icing on the cake/quilt!

There are scraps from at least 4 years of quilt-making in this quilt, and I love trying to remember where I’ve used all of these fabrics before.  Even though scraps are a big fat pain to sort/press/trim, it’s very fulfilling to make a quilt completely from my scrap bin.

If scraps aren’t your thing, this quilt can also be made with 2 1/2″ pre-cut strips, or 10″ squares, or yardage.   You can make the Throw size with one jelly roll, or one layer cake (yay!).  

The PDF version of Tick Tock can be found here.     The Paper version of Tick Tock can be found here.  

Also I blinked and it was July…but that also means that Backyard Blooms is shipping to stores very soon!   I cannot wait!






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