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I received a concerned email asking me why I was quitting and closing down Cluck Cluck Sew….which means I should probably start posting regularly again!  Also NO…I’m not leaving or quitting or closing down, it’s just been on the backburner and it’s hard to jump back into it regularly.   You can’t get rid of me that easily!  

I have been sewing and I have the (super cute) scraps to prove it!  

I’ve been buying some spring-ish florals and cute prints that catch my eye.  Those strawberries are by Riley Blake, the collection is New Dawn (that whole line is so cute).  The florals are also Riley Blake, big florals are from Flower Market, and the little floral with carrots are from the line Easter Egg Hunt.  

I’m finally updating my Sugar Dish pattern after saying I was “working on it” for the last… oh I don’t know…7 years.  I wrote this pattern in 2010, I cringe when I look at it in black and white on copy paper.  Bless you if you bought this pattern back then!  

This month all of my kids will be in school for the first time in a year!  Hallelujah.  It’s still only part time, but it’s a perfect transition back into the classroom.  I’ve loved having them home so much this past year, but they reaaaaally missed school and it was starting to take a toll on their mental health.  

Six weeks ago my kids let our male rabbit out in the yard at the same time as our female rabbit…and now we have a litter of 8 fuzzy bunnies!  Man they are fun….and maybe the most held/loved/played with bunnies ever.  

My latest fabric crush is these Bee Basics by Lori Holt for Riley Blake.  I bought 1/2 yards of my favorites to try them out and mix them in with my stash.  

Honestly they feel rougher in person than the Blossom Basics by Riley Blake that I use in everything, and the Blossom Basics are even cheaper in price.   The print of these is perfect and I love the range of colors available though.   I’ll give them a whirl and see how they compare.

So there’s the most random Thursday blog post ever…all to let you know that I’m over here snuggling bunnies and buying lots of new fabric I probably don’t need!  ;)  




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Lovestruck Heart Block (free!) Pattern

I don’t think a year has gone by without me making some sort of heart quilt, so I definitely couldn’t let this year be the first.  

I knew I wouldn’t have time to make a whole quilt, but this cute twist on my original heart block pattern was a fun challenge…and actually pretty quick to sew!

Click the link or the pattern image below to open up the printable PDF of the Lovestruck Quilt Block Pattern.  

Lovestruck Quilt Block Pattern

Lovestruck Free Quilt Block Printable Pattern

With the top and bottom border it finishes at 17″ x 17″, and you could leave the borders off and it would be 10″ x 17″.  It would make a cute quilt with a handful together, or even a cute pillow cover.  Or you can quilt it up and hang it on your wall and call it your only Valentines Day decor like I did.  

Lovestruck Free Quilt Block Printable Pattern

I already have so many heart projects in my tutorials and patterns.  The most used on my blog is of course the basic Heart Block Pattern, and there is also the Simple Heart Quilt below.  

Simple Heart Quilt Free Pattern

This I Heart You mini quilt is a perfect rainy day project.   

I Heart You mini quilt free pattern

And of course my Box of Hearts quilt that looks like a box of conversation hearts!  

Box of Hearts Quilt Pattern

Happy Heart Making!  




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Tick Tocks and a Spring Table Runner

Tick Tock Quilt Pattern

January always feels like a good time to finish up my works in progress, and clear out the sewing space so I can have a fresh start for the year.  I can keep about 2 projects going at a time without feeling overwhelmed…so cleaning out the old projects and finishing things up is a must!  

I had a couple of cute Tick Tock quilts that I made as pattern testers when I was writing the pattern, so I finished them up to donate.  

Tick Tock Quilt Pattern

I used large scraps and bits and pieces from my stash for both of them.  This one has some sweet prints mixed in (strawberries, bunnies, ballerinas!).   The backing is from my Hazel fabric line (discontinued) and the binding is a stripe from Michael Miller I’ve had since 2012…I’m trying to use up what I have!!

Tick Tock Quilt Pattern

If you want a very real representation of my life right now…just scroll down to see the other side of the cute dresser in the photo above.  

I just shoved all of my daughters random things to one side and snapped a photo of the “clean” side.  I’m getting better at working around our messes now that we are ALL home all of the time.  In every pretty clean picture there is usually a not-so-pretty pile just next to it!  

Tick Tock Quilt Pattern

This quilt was a tester and I sewed it together wrong!!  I flipped the blocks and didn’t even notice until I was completely finished making the top.  Luckily that’s why it was a tester…and it’s still such a cute baby quilt.   

Tick Tock Quilt Pattern

Isn’t that yellow chicken print cute up there?  It was a gift from a friend years ago, cut from a pair of (new) pajamas she bought and cut up! 

I backed this quilt with the plaid print from Hello Jane (discontinued but I found some here and here) that is perfect.    Both of these quilts I finished up with easy free motion.  Not perfect, but finished.  

Tick Tock Quilt Pattern

I can’t believe Spring is around the corner, but I’m ready for it!  The Spring issue of Quilts & More magazine came out this week and I have a spring table runner project in it.  Each issue this year will have a seasonal table runner pattern from me.  

Used with permission from Quilts & More magazine. ©2021 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

Have a wonderful week and I’ll be back next week with a cute Valentines Day tutorial!  




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