Brightly Quilt Pattern, layer cake or fat quarter friendly

Thank you for the kind messages and comments about Backyard Blooms, I am so excited for it to come to shops.  That’s one of the tricky things about making fabric…it’s showing now in January for quilt shops to buy, but it doesn’t actually ship to stores until July.  The waiting is the worst, but also time flies and this is a very summery collection! 

Brightly is one of my newest quilt patterns to go with this collection.  I wanted it to look well….bright.  I also wanted it to have a “scrappy” look, without having to dig through my super unorganized and full scrap bin.

Brightly Quilt Pattern, layer cake or fat quarter friendly

Brightly can be made with a Layer Cake (one layer cake with 40 – 10″ squares), or fat quarters.  I used a layer cake of Backyard Blooms for this quilt.  

I sound like a broken record…but really Diagonal Seam Tape + star blocks are a match made in heaven!  

Diagonal Seam Tape

Brightly Quilt Pattern, layer cake or fat quarter friendly

Brightly Quilt Pattern, layer cake or fat quarter friendly

This was quilted by Kaitlyn, in the modern loops design (I think?).  It’s a new favorite for sure.  

Brightly Quilt Pattern, layer cake or fat quarter friendly

Brightly is available here as  PDF, or here as  Paper pattern!  

Brightly Quilt Pattern, layer cake or fat quarter friendly





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Backyard Blooms

Backyard Blooms fabric

It’s new fabric day!  I’m finally sharing my 7th fabric line with Windham Fabrics, Backyard Blooms.

It’s showing to Quilt Shops now, and will be available in stores late July (I’ll post here when you can buy it!).  

Backyard Blooms fabric

The pretty denim color was the only new addition this time besides tweaking my basic favorite colors, and making things a bit more saturated and clean feeling. 

I wanted it to look the way my house feels after I’ve finished cleaning it all day….right before my kids get off the bus ready to unclean it.  ;)  

Backyard Blooms fabric

The large bunched rose print is my favorite.  I sat at my computer at night drawing it for 10393 hours and ate bags and bags and baaaags of this kettle corn while doing it.   It has a vintage/countryside/fresh look I love. 

After I finished drawing up the whole line, it sat in my computer for a month or two before I worked up the courage to send it into Windham.  I’ve done this 7 times and it’s always scary to send in something you’ve spent SO much time on when there’s a big chance they won’t like it (spoiler…they liked it).  They always help me see things with clear eyes and we tweaked a few things, but I’m so happy with how it’s turned out and I couldn’t be more excited for this to hit stores.   

I have 3 new quilt patterns I’ll get in my shop this weekend and share photos next week.  I enjoyed every second of sewing with this fabric and these colors! 

Backyard Blooms fabric

My Mom whipped up this cute little dress for Jane (Simplicity pattern R10373), and then she refused to look at the camera in ANY pictures.  I had to laugh thinking about the picture of her in this post last year of my new fabric…where she was making a fist because she was mad at me and wouldn’t look at me. 

She’s got spunk! 

Backyard Blooms fabric

Oh and of course there is a print with chickens on it.  At some point I had to put chickens on fabric right?!  It’s just a given!   

Thank you for letting me share Backyard Blooms with you and I’ll be sharing more next week!  





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Heart Quilt Block Tutorial

I just realized it’s less than a month until Valentine’s Day, and I haven’t written a post yet with my favorite thing to sew….heart blocks!  I can’t let a January or February go by without some heart blocks on my blog.  

I’ve probably made more heart projects than anything else.  I posted a quick video to Instagram a few days ago of me making a heart block with Diagonal Seam Tape to speed up sewing all the corners….not having to draw all the lines really speeds up these blocks!  

Making Heart Blocks Tutorial

You can find a free printable for Making Heart Blocks in Multiple Sizes here.  You can find Diagonal Seam Tape here.  

Simple Heart Quilt Free Pattern

The tutorial for this Simple Heart Quilt can be found here.  It’s my favorite! 

I Heart You mini quilt free pattern

The free printable pattern for this I Heart You mini quilt pattern can be found here in this blog post.  This is such a fun quick sew.  

Amy has this cute 12″ heart-in-a-heart quilt blocks on her blog with a free printable…these would make a cute quilt all put together!  

I also think this free Pixelated Heart Pattern is adorable.  Amy made it a little bigger here adding extra squares.

Box of Hearts Quilt Pattern

Lastly the Box of Hearts pattern I wrote last year can be found here.  

Simple Heart Quilt Free Quilt Pattern

Since it’s Martin Luther King Jr. day and this post is filled with hearts, it’s fitting to end with one of his quotes I love: 

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?”

Spread some love today!  





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