Primrose Quilt Pattern

Meet the Primrose quilt!   

My Forget-Me-Not fabric line has a print of flowers in jars, so I thought it would fun to carry the jars over into a quilt.  Technically the fabric has tulips in jars…but since I’ve already made a Tulips quilt, I decided on a primrose block instead.   This quilt has a similar layout to Pumpkins, with the different heights of blocks and the leaves in different directions that give it a little more movement.  

Primrose Quilt Pattern

The flower dot is a perfect jar colored blue that almost looks like a solid from a distance.  These blocks are so cute on their own!

They aren’t hard to make, but there are a lot of diagonal seams.  Diagonal Seam Tape will save you a thousand hours (or so) without having to mark diagonal lines! 

I sent this to Kaitlyn for quilting.  I love this design she chose that looks like dainty flowers, but is still geometric and modern at the same time.  

Primrose Quilt Pattern

The backing is a wide back fabric I bought on sale here.  I like buying neutral colored backings when they go on sale because they match anything, and in this case I didn’t want to use my limited sample yardage of Forget-Me-Not

The pattern includes material lists and all the instructions to make a table runner too! 

Primrose Table Runner

Primrose is in my shop now as a PDF here, or a Paper pattern here

Primrose quilt

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  -Allison




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Tangled Quilt

Tangled Quilt

You guys know I love designing and sewing with pre-cuts!  Jelly Rolls are my fave, but Layer Cakes are my close second and you can use either with this pattern (or yardage!).  

Tangled is one of my newest quilts/patterns I made with Forget-Me-Not.  I’ve had this quilt messily sketched into my notebook for years, but for some reason didn’t really spark much interest until I started this quilt.  This block has many different names and variations, but mostly commonly I’ve seen it called a Celtic knot, and often a lovers knot, or slip knot.  

Whenever I’m designing with pre-cuts, my main goal is to be able to make a Throw size quilt with just one Jelly Roll or Layer Cake.  It makes my brain work and takes a little creativity to be able to get enough fabric and blocks out of the strips…I love the challenge. 

For this quilt, there are a handful of scrappy blocks thrown in that allow this quilt to be made with less strips/squares.  You can certainly leave them out if you have more fabric available, but I ended up loving the way they add a little interest to this design. 

Tangled Quilt Pattern

Tangled Quilt Pattern

Knot and Thread Design did the quilting, it adds the perfect amount of texture and character that this quilt needs. 

This pattern includes 5 sizes, and will probably be the pattern I use to make a Queen size quilt for my 15 year old.  It has a more masculine feel and he likes geometric designs….but mostly it’s easy and I like easy when it comes to making big quilts! 

Tangled Quilt Pattern

Tangled is in my shop now as a PDF here, or a Paper pattern here.  

Forget-Me-Not isn’t available yet if you would like to make this exact quilt, but as soon as it comes out I’ll post where you can find it!





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