Planted Quilt

Planted Quilt Pattern

I meant to post this last month but whew…it flew by.  We had company from out of town, baseball, birthdays (Jane my youngest turned 6!), and now I feel like a whole years worth of activities are crammed into the last two weeks of school.  Two more weeks and then I can sleep in an extra hour each morning and our food bill doubles with the kids home all day!   

This quilt is my Planted pattern, made with Forget-Me-Not fabrics.  

Planted Quilt Pattern

I made this quilt with 10″ precut squares, but you can also make it with 12 fat quarters.  You’ll use every smidge of fabric when using 10″ squares, and it’s a bit easier to cut out with fat quarters.  

My post for Forget-Me-Not fabric is here if you missed it, it comes to stores in October. 

Forget-me-not, Windham Fabrics

Planted Quilt Pattern

I procrastinated making this one a little too long and ran out of time to send it to a quilter, so I quilted this one myself on my machine.  My shoulders hated me for a few days afterwards!  

The backing is a plaid from the same fabric line.  I had a lot of questions about which white fabric I used in all of my quilts made with this fabric line, and it’s this same Moda Bella Solids Off White 9900-200 I’ve used in all of my quilts for years.  I just saw it’s on sale this month here (now it’s out of stock but check back!). 

Planted Quilt Pattern

Planted can be found here as a PDF, or here as a Paper pattern.  

I’m off to a choir concert tonight and hopefully spending some time clearing off my cutting table so I can start a new quilt.  When life is extra crazy why not start another quilt right?!  

Planted Quilt Pattern



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Primrose Quilt Pattern

Meet the Primrose quilt!   

My Forget-Me-Not fabric line has a print of flowers in jars, so I thought it would fun to carry the jars over into a quilt.  Technically the fabric has tulips in jars…but since I’ve already made a Tulips quilt, I decided on a primrose block instead.   This quilt has a similar layout to Pumpkins, with the different heights of blocks and the leaves in different directions that give it a little more movement.  

Primrose Quilt Pattern

The flower dot is a perfect jar colored blue that almost looks like a solid from a distance.  These blocks are so cute on their own!

They aren’t hard to make, but there are a lot of diagonal seams.  Diagonal Seam Tape will save you a thousand hours (or so) without having to mark diagonal lines! 

I sent this to Kaitlyn for quilting.  I love this design she chose that looks like dainty flowers, but is still geometric and modern at the same time.  

Primrose Quilt Pattern

The backing is a wide back fabric I bought on sale here.  I like buying neutral colored backings when they go on sale because they match anything, and in this case I didn’t want to use my limited sample yardage of Forget-Me-Not

The pattern includes material lists and all the instructions to make a table runner too! 

Primrose Table Runner

Primrose is in my shop now as a PDF here, or a Paper pattern here

Primrose quilt

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  -Allison




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