Colorful Evergreen Quilt

Evergreen Quilt Tutorial

I made one of these Evergreen tree blocks a few weeks ago to test out the sizing….and since I already made one block, what’s another 34? 

Might as well make a quilt! 

This pattern is the Evergreen Quilt Tutorial I posted a couple of years ago (click here for link).  

I went through my stash for fabrics, and since I didn’t have enough white background fabric for this quilt, I used my stash of low volumes for a scrappy background.  

Evergreen Quilt Tutorial

I laid the blocks out a few different ways and my 9 year old decided this one was best.  I don’t know the official name for this kind of color layout…so we’ll name it rainbowized. 

Evergreen Quilt Tutorial

Evergreen Quilt Tutorial

I bought a soft flannel backing at Joann fabrics, and quilted this on my machine with loopty -loops (my free motion tutorial is here). 

I machine bound it with a bee cross stitch print (these basics are my most used lately!).  My machine binding tutorial is here.  

Evergreen Quilt Tutorial

Evergreen Quilt Tutorial

The Evergreen Quilt Tutorial can be found here.   

Besides this little project I’m still working on finishing up one more Christmas quilt…time to sew! 




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Fall Sale + A Festive Table Runner

I have a festive holiday table runner pattern in the latest issue of Quilts & More magazine.  If you happen to see it in stores (I’ve heard it’s hard to find), it’s a great issue!  

If you haven’t already be inundated enough with sales (so many emails!), the Fall sale is going on now through the 27th in my shop

A 25% discount is automatically applied at checkout  (link here).  


It feels like I just barely finished up last year’s Christmas quilt, and this weekend I have high hopes to start a new one. 

Making a Christmas quilt each year is one of my new-ish favorite traditions for the past 5 years…plus it gives me a great excuse to watch the cheesy Hallmark movies while I sew.  

Happy Thanksgiving!  







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